Louie Loves LA: Block Party

Spring is on the horizon, which means someday very soon when the weather is perfect some friend will text on a Friday afternoon saying ‘Happy hour?!?! Let’s go somewhere outside!” And you say “Yessssssss!” and then you’ll both spending 20 minutes racking your brains for somewhere lovely to sit outside and sip tasty bevs. You’ll come up with nothing and then say “this is LA! WHY are there not more places to sit outside with tasty bevs!!!!” Enter Block Party. This spot in Highland Park is insanely cute (aka highly Instgrammable) and very ready for you to come chill for hours in the sunshine – or in the shade of one of their snazzy umbrellas. They have lots and lots of fancy beer which is normally not our jam but the bartenders are very nice non judgmental beer nerds so if you say something like “I don’t like nice beer” and they will kindly point you towards a very light refreshing Mexican style lager in a cool looking can. Win! They have rotating fancy and local beers on tap plus multiple fridges full of cool kid cans and bottles. BUT you also want a Michelada because duh but also because at Block Party they come with an adorable mini popsicle on top for dipping! So cute! So refreshing! They have some snowcone like drinks for those extra hot days too. You’ll need one to cool you down after an extra competitive shuffle board game on the back patio. If you are really wiped out, grab some pretzels to refuel. They come a cheese sauce dipping situation. Uh huh. Many days they have food truck out front for more serious snacking needs. They open at five during the week (with happy hour until seven) and at noon on Saturday and Sunday sooo yah get ready to camp out here.

Block Party
5052 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042

Louie Loves LA: Consort Design

We moved a couple months ago and it was really difficult not to just run into Consort and yell “We’ll take it all!.” They have everything you need to make your house instantly cool. Let’s start with the small things (also all A+ hostess gifts). They’ve got the Lux/Eros lips vases, marble trivets from Fort Standard, gold rimmed pitchers from Canvas Home, awesome bowls and vases from Matthew Ward and the insanely awesome ceramic deviled eggs by Katie Kimmel that we are obsessed with. Huge mud cloth pillows too. What? You didn’t know you needed ceramic deviled eggs. Well you do. Next up – art of course. You can pick up original pieces from people like Nicole Cohen and Matthew Maust and the most beautiful surfboards from Wax Surf Co. There’s furniture obvs. Lots of which they design and make themselves, which is a huge plus since then you are not likely to see it everywhere else. Fave pieces are the Luna side table, the Freddie nightstands and this giant round steel framed mirror. They have some awesome vintage finds too – safari chairs, burled wood tables, midcentury lamps. We picked up a giant vintage French mirror. They have a great selection of coffee table books too – excellent for last minute gifting. The lovely shop is on Melrose and right across from Ammo to Go if all that shopping makes you hungry.

Consort Design
6918 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Louie Loves LA: Ammo To Go

If you live anywhere near Melrose or Highland or La Brea or happen to ever pass by Melrose or Highland or La Brea you need to go o Ammo To Go. It’s open all day for breakfast, lunch, snacks and coffee and Monday through Friday you can grab a dinner to bring home until 7pm. So yah, any time you are driving by, stop in because breakfast includes one of the best fried egg sandwiches around, avocado toast that comes sprinkled with crispy bacon and sunflower seeds and a breakfast bowl with brown rice, chicken sausage and tons of veggies. If you are there after 11, get the Little Gem salad. It is heaven. Fennel, radish, avocado, chives and a magical green goddess dressing that makes this relatively simple salad one of our favorites in all of LA. Our lunchtime obsession is the grilled cheese. It involves kale, which means you can pretend it is healthy. There’s also a bomb veggie sandwich made extra delicious with tons of feta cheese, and a perfect BLT (that little gem lettuce at work again). There’s a steak sandwich too and one with short ribs. Burgers too. And more dinner like things – meatloaf, hanger steak, perfect cooked salmon – all perfect for nights when you’re just too lazy to cook. Seriously if we could have our whole life catered by Ammo we would. There are deli salads everyday too. Even the little extras – you know like whole wheat chocolate chip cookies and homemade potato chips are super addictive. Alright cool so we’re headed there right now.

Ammo To Go
6909 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Click here for the menu.

Louie Loves LA: Jon and Vinny’s

This is definitely the place to come when you want to eat as many carbs as possible. Especially if you want those carbs to be proceeded by one of our favorite salads in LA and followed by a real mean cup of soft serve. Jon and Vinny’s is lovely. While the wall of booths limits the seating a bit, the blonde wood filled space always feels inviting. It’s open all day everyday and is one of our fave breakfast spots too. Because pizza is even better for breakfast – obvs. They also make a lovely avocado toast, and A+ fried egg sandwich, supper fluffy pancakes and an egg topped polenta that is magic. But back to dinner. At dinner there are meatballs – you must get the meatballs. And also all of the pizzas and pastas. Our fave pizza is the White Lightening which is topped with mozzarella, ricotta, garlic, onion, oregano and pickled jalapeño. Runners up – the LA Woman and Ham & Yeezy. For the pasta we usually go with the carbonara or the fusilli which comes in an extra rich pink vodka sauce that sorta seems like it should be on the kids menu but is also just bomb. This is all after you order the Little Gem salad – there are breadcrumbs and chilies and you must get it. When you think you are too full and can’t possibly eat anything else, get some soft serve and cookies to share and congratulate yourself for ordering such a perfect meal. They do take out too and have a wine shop in the back so you can recreate this magic at home anytime.

Jon and Vinny’s
412 N. Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Louie Loves LA: Crawford’s

There is no actual sign that says Crawford’s here but when you see the words “ice cold beer” and fried chicken” painted on the front of the building you’ll know you’ve come to the right place. This place is just great. Because – Beer! And chicken!   And the fried chicken is seriously delicious. You can choose regular or hot for your chicken and pick from three classic sides – cole slaw baked beans, potato salad. We like spicy everything but we actually go for the regular chicken here because the seasoning is so perfect and with the hot you just taste hot. That’s just us though.   Give them both a try for sure. Hot or not, you’ll need a cold beverage to wash everything down with and Crawford’s has endless satisfying options. We of course go for the $3 ice-cold Budweiser draft served in an extra frosty mug aka heaven. They have cans of all the classic dive bar appropriate faves – Hamm’s, Olympia, Pabst etc and lots of many fancier options and drafts from local breweries. It used to be a dive bar and it still very much looks the part, but with a deer head on the wall and a canoe hanging from the ceiling it feels like somewhere you stumble into on your way home from a camping trip. Hang around for a few beers, play some pool or some old school arcade games, make new friends.

2616 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, 90057

Click here for menus.

Louie Loves: B.S. Taqueria

Never enough tacos. Never enough tequila. This has been our go to pre-Staples center spot for months now. (Though we Just learned they have an outpost IN Staples Center now!) It’s quick and delicious and they have what we think is the best happy hour downtown. Lets start with the starters because you really must get the bean dip, which is worlds better than it sounds. There are also the Duritos which are little seasoned puffy, crunchy, crispy chip things – highly addictive. There are regular chips and salsa too – delivered to your table in a charming little brown bag. Plus chicken chicharrones. The tacos are all pretty tops – our faves are the carnitas, clams + lardo , and mushroom but the shrimp also a frequent order. The chicken is the least exciting, but a very safe option for the unadventurous. Strangely we also LOVE the green salad here. It’s the perfect side for the tacos – very simple, crisp and fresh. The carne asada and chile verde are quite good if you want to venture into the main territory. You can get them with tortillas to make your tacos or keep it carb free. Also love the veggie options – beet tortas and cauliflower al pastor. A little lighter but still flavorful and rich. Ok so on to the drinks. At happy hour you an pick from a list of A+ options for only $6 or go for a $4 shot or $2 Tecate. $2! Our fave from the happy hour menu is definitely the Pablo B. Paloma. Even if you’re paying full price, the drinks are definitely worth it. Try the Gordo Cup with cucumber and mezcal. Also big fans of the B.S. Handshake – their take on a Michelada – and the street cocktail where you can choose your booze and soda combo. Sold yet? See you there.

B.S. Taqueria
514 W. 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Click here for menus.

Louie Loves LA: Burgerlords

Because sometimes you just need a burger. And sometimes maybe you need that burger to be vegan. Burgerlords has got you covered either way. They make what we would call an In-N-Out style burger, served simply with lettuce, tomato, onion, and Thousand Island dressing on a soft fluffy bun.   It’s pretty perfect. The vegan option is one of the best meat free burgers we’ve ever had, complete with a nice, melty slice of vegan American ‘cheese.’ A cheeseburger is $5.50 and fries are just $2 which also sort of makes this a steal. The fries are awesome – crispy on the outside, soft in the middle and just salty enough. The window is in the middle of Chinatown’s Central Plaza so you can enjoy your burger at a picnic table in the sunshine while you people watch. The whole set up is very clean and simple. Everything is just done right. Your meal comes in a little paper box with the cutest little toothpick flag proudly topping your burger. They have Mexican Cokes and Topo Chico waters to wash everything down. It is open until 9 during the week and 10 on the weekends so it’s a great place for a quick bite before a game, show or other such fun downtown.

943 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Click here for the menu.

Louie Loves LA: Ramen Hood

LA is full of vegan places these days but Ramen Hood is the only one serving up warm, comforting bowls of noodle-filled goodness every day. Seriously if you brought a meat-loving friend to this place and didn’t mention it was vegan, they would never know. They even have eggs, which are truly baffling – they look and feel just like a regular egg. Really! We have absolutely no clue what they are made of, but it’s pretty cool. The rest of your bowl is made up of a deep, rich broth (apparently having something to do with sunflower seeds) and piled high with veggies – mushrooms, bean sprouts, scallions – and topped with nori strips and chili treads. It’s delicious. You can add on more of any of those things or make it spicier. There are some sides too – a fresh cucumber salad, pickles plus bahn mi poutine and tofu al pastor. Because why not? Nice to have some indulgent feeling vegan options around for those days when you think you should be healthy but really aren’t in the mood.

Ramen Hood
317 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Click here for info.

Louie Loves LA: BCN

SANDWICHES.  Spanish sandwiches.  Pressed on neat rectangles of white bread and thin Euro baguettes. The bread is crispy, the cheese is melted and the whole thing comes wrapped up in brown paper like the lovely little gift it is. This place is basically our dream and opened up in the neighborhood so naturally we go embarrassingly often. First the Bikinis – these come on pressed on white bread cut into perfect triangles. The bikini is thin and easy to eat with all the components evenly distributed. Our fave is the Serrano ham which comes with manchego cheese, the thinnest slices of portobellos and truffle aioli. Heaven. The smoked trout is also tops with a kick form piquillos and picked fennel. The bocatas come on baguettes also pressed and crisp and melty. Our fave is the tuna melt with extra sharp cheddar, shaved fennel and caper aioli. Yes please! The braised short rib is pretty insane too. And then there is the artichoke with olive tapenade and basil. There are a flew flatbreads and salads too which are surely delicious, but we’d recommend starting with a sandwich for sure. Everything comes with fresh green salad on the side, or the daily gazpacho. But you hopefully have room for some patatas bravas on the side because – yum. The space is super cute, everyone is very friendly and its nice and quick. An absolutely perfect lunch.

8719 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Click here for menus.

Louie Loves LA: The Now

The Now just opened last week and we already know we’ll be spending serious amounts of time there. This place is the massage spot we have always dreamed of. It’s insanely cute and cozy AND reasonably priced. Yes please! The treatments are $35 for 30 minutes or $60 for 60 minutes. Not bad at all. And the experience is ten times that of similarly priced places that usually feel either a little gross or too sterile. The Now on the other hand is beautiful. All white with calf hair rugs and fluffy sheepskin everywhere. They have a few different services to choose from. The Now is a classic full body massage. This is what we tried and it was absolutely perfect. You are not in a private room, but in your own little walled off area, with a heated massage bed, Moroccan rugs and gentle wave sounds. It’s heavenly. Other options – The Healer which is more of an energy situation, The Stretch – good for sore muscles and flexibility, The Travel – to balance and reset, plus The Upper – head focused, and The Roots – for feet and legs. You can choose an aromatherapy oil to add on or an eye mask – perfection. Plus they are open until 10pm everyday making it easy to squeeze in some workday relaxation.   Cannot wait to go back!

The Now
7611 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Click here to check out the services.

Louie Loves LA: Wanderlust Hollywood

Alright so Wanderlust has amazing yoga and mediation and the space is beautiful and they have memberships. Or so we have been told. We just go for the food. It is all really pretty though, we an attest to that. And it was opened by the people who run those Wanderlust festival things so they definitely know their yoga. But back to the food, they are open all day serving breakfast, lunch and snacks, plus pastries and smoothies. You can pick up juices too. Everything is organic and vegetarian options are everywhere but so are eggs and cheese and you can add salmon, chicken or steak to anything. It is refreshing to health conscious fare that caters to meat eaters too. At breakfast we like the savory take on oatmeal with mushrooms, Parmesan and a fried egg and the avocado toast. Generally we find order avocado toast at restaurants semi absurd but this version is tops – complete with soft-boiled egg and radishes. They also have premade overnight oat type things which are just the right amount of sweet and perfect if you are on the go. We’ve become addicted to the mango smoothie. With turmeric, keifer, flax, ginger and coconut milk it filled with good for you things and so so delicious. Later in the day we go for the black rice bowl or the kale Caesar with salmon. They also have Tom’s coffee and bone broth from Bel Campo. Everything just seems very fresh. Which is maybe because they also have a garden in back growing herbs and kale and such for your dish. Sooooo even if like us, you do not participate in yoga or meditation of any kind, Wanderlust is still for you! Check it out.

Wanderlust Hollywood
1357 N. Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Click here for menus.

Louie Loves LA: Beaming

Another one on the healthy side of things. Beaming has all the juices and smoothies you could want plus other good for your food – salads, soups, vegan baked goods. The menu is a little overwhelming at first because there are so many options and each one lists all the amazing things they will reportedly do for your body it quickly gets difficult to choose. Because obviously you want a metabolism boost, and something to help detox, and something that’s anti-aging right? All in one really tasty smoothie. They can actually probably do that for you because after you choose a smoothie there are also tons of super food add-ins not to mention Beaming’s own custom protein blends. See? Sooo many options. But don’t worry, you can tell them what you want – taste or benefit wise – and they will steer you in the right direction. We also love the elixirs, which are coconut water based with other good for you things mixed in – chia, turmeric, spirulina etc. They are light and hydrating and seem sort of alike a natural version of Gatorade. (We despise coconut water on its own and these blends do not taste of it at all – yay!) So along with all of that there are some really tasty salads and soups, acai bowls, and oatmeal for when you need an actual meal. We recently tried out one of their cleanses so we’ve now sampled a wide variety of the offerings and were never disappointed. The thai salad is a definite fave.  And while we haven’t tried too many of the baked goods, they all have extra protein in them and the cookie is shockingly tasty. The cashew brittle is another great on the go treat. Ok so to sum up – everything here is pretty delicious and pretty healthy so WIN!

605 N. La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

1426 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403

131 S. Barrington Ave
Brentwood, CA 90049

Click here for menus.

Louie Loves LA: Fala Bar

We somehow just discovered this place and now it’s all we want to eat. Falafel, salads, burgers – its all vegan and its all amazing. We are not at all vegan but constantly find ourselves writing about how delicious some vegan place is. We mean it every time, but in this case we’d say that Fala Bar the perfect gateway drug for meat lovers hesitant to delve into the plant based world. Everything is super fresh, delicious and also hearty? We hate that word. Let’s go with satisfying. We’re huge fans of all the classic Mediterranean flavors and Fala Bar does them all right. We love that they have falafel flavor options – our favorite is the spicy, which is pleasantly, actually spicy. There’s also sweet potato, crunchy and kale. The burgers are so delicious, because they are made from falafel – duh – and dressed up with perfect combinations toppings and sauces.   The all American has the classic toppings and is definitely a healthier way to satisfy that craving. Basically everything is some combination of fafafel, tahini, hummus, cabbage and their quinoa tabouli – and that’s why its so good! It’s also quick and you canorder online ahead of time so it is easy to swing by and pick it up for lunch or dinner (or have Postmates deliver).   And now we’re starving…

Fala Bar
7751 ½ Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Click here for menus.

Louie Loves LA: Makeout


This place is just the cutest. First, its called Makeout. I mean, please. Tucked away behind the Culver Hotel, this place is a delight. All white and bright inside, it is clean and welcoming and the perfect setting for their healthy yet very delicious snacks. We’ll start with the food – there are salads, wraps, bowls and flatbreads. It is all plant based – which apparently what you call meat free, dairy free food that may not be actually totally vegan – but so so tasty, you won’t feel like your making a sacrifice We crave the kelp noodles ALL THE TIME. Full disclosure we still don’t really understand kelp noodles as they seem be made of nothing – they have almost no calories – so if you are craving a big bowl of pasta but don’t actually want to go there, kelp noodles it is! The Black Pepper version is our favorite. We love the rest of the bowls too – quinoa with pesto, brown rice with guacamole. And the salads. Ok so everything is good. There is juice too, and smoothies of course. And lots of little dairy free treats – cookies, macaroons, truffles!   They also have amazing coffee drinks (or chai) with crazy superfood things mixed in. Caffeine with nutrients?   Woohoo!

9426 West Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

Click here for menus.

Louie Loves LA: Dinosaur Coffee

It’s apparently National Coffee Day today so… Dinosaur Coffee’s location is one of the main reasons we love it. Right at the intersection of Fountain and Sunset in Silverlake, it’s basically always on the way anytime we are heading to or from the east side. But it’s also really good. The inside is bright, airy and pleasant with white walls, blonde wood shelves and an occasional little dinosaur friend lurking around. They brew SF’s Four Barrel Coffee which is always a fave with a selection of fancy teas from Song Tea too. We’re not going to say it’s cheap but compared to other local spots, the prices are a tiny but more friendly. We very much appreciate that the cold brew is $3.50 as it seems to have reached $5 elsewhere. There’s some bar/ledge seating, small tables up front and a large communal table in back, plus some outdoor space so you can find room to do whatever you need to do. There’s free wifi so there is definitely a crowd that camps out here all day to work. We can’t blame them; it’s pretty lovely. They sometimes have delicious sandwiches from Sopressata and the Yeastie Boys hang there on Saturday mornings so you can get snacks too.

Dinosaur Coffee
4334 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Click here for more info.

Louie Loves LA: Coolhaus

Well obviously. Cookie ice cream sandwiches people. To be honest, we feel a tiny bit bad straying from our first love Diddy Riese, but Coolhaus’s fancied up version deserves some love too. To start their ice cream flavors are NUTS. Nuts like Pizza. And Pastrami. And Netflix – which is White Cheddar Popcorn ice cream with Doritos in it. Plus less crazy but super delicious things like Molten Chocolate Cake and Cookies & Cream. Our go to when we’re not feeling adventurous is the Vietnamese Iced Coffee which involves condensed milk (in case you didn’t know, condensed milk secretly makes everything delicious). They always have a few vegan flavors around too – the Cinnamon Speculoos is bomb. But you’ve come here to make an ice cream sandwich so you also need to consider the cookies. Options include Maple Flapjack, Marbled Rye and a Fruit Pebbles Rice Krispie treat. We usually do one Double Chocolate Chip. But obvs you should use two different cookies for your sandwich because duh. So that leaves room for something like a Ginger Molasses (which happens to be vegan) or a Coconut Almond Chip (which happens to be gluten free). Or if you are a winner a Black & White cookie. They also make shakes and floats with fancy sodas. Everything is basically a perfect version of your childhood summer fantasies. But it actually tastes good and not just like some stoner version of Chopped. Stop by and visit because obviously only geniuses would make Fried Chicken and Waffle ice cream. And then put it between cookies.

Coolhaus – Click here for menus (and check twitter for updates).

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