Louie Loves LA: Go Greek Yogurt

We‘re big fans of real deal ice cream so we usually don’t get too excited about frozen yogurt places but Go Greek is changing that. Their “kryo” frozen yogurt is made from with their house made traditional Greek yogurt so it is naturally low in calories and sugar and filled with protein and all-important probiotics. They have a classic plain flavor (our fave), honey, berry and chocolate with seasonal flavors rotated in. The set up is self-serve and you add your own toppings as well. They have all kinds of fresh fruit, nuts, seeds etc and some fancy things like thyme flavored honey and feta cheese. Everything feels very clean and fresh. But all of this fro-yo business id only half the Go Greek magic. You can also get their traditional Greek yogurt (0%, 2% or 10% fat) topped with a million great things. They even list them by health benefit. The savory combinations are actually our favorite and all feel like the kind of light lovely lunch you want to have on vacation somewhere fabulous, overlooking the ocean. Like uh, Greece. They come with pita bread so it is basically a delicious healthy dip. And who doesn’t like dip? Try the tzatziki or the aceso which is topped with mango, avocado, jalapeños, lemon and hemp seeds. So good.

Go Greek Yogurt
452 N. Bedford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Louie Loves LA: Rice Bar

A bowl of rice topped with lots of delicious things is never really a bad idea right? But this isn’t just rice. This is heirloom rice. Get excited. So if you know something about rice, you can choose your variety and pick your toppings. Alternatively you can go with Rice Bar’s recommended pairings. You can choose from housemade pork sausage, chicken, beef or crispy anchovies all with a selection of paired garnishes like pickled vegetables, garlic crumbs, green papaya, and chili leaves. Are you hungry yet. The bowls are a good size and you can watch your being assembled as the whole restaurant space cant be more than 300 square feet so where ever you are you are basically in the kitchen. It’s cute though, with bright stools pulled up to a marble topped bar that surrounds the little kitchen. Everyone is very friendly and happy to chat and explains things while they prep your meal. Our picks for the bowl are the sausage which comes over garlic fried rice and the anchovies – a lighter option topped with fresh avocado and tomato that is a perfectly salty and crunchy and delicious. If you still have room, definitely pick up a housemade rice crispy treat which will truly shame those ones you made for bake sales in middle school. These are the real deal, with fancy flavors and all.

Rice Bar
419 W. 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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Louie Loves LA: Lot, Stock and Barrel

Because Levis. Piles and piles of Levis. We love this little shop. Tucked away in the Arts District this place can fulfill all your vintage dreams. Harley tee? Check. 517s? Check. Army jacket? Check. Cutoffs? Check. That’s not all though there are also amazing letterman jackets that you didn’t know you need. Leather jackets too. And more perfectly worn in denim jackets than we’ve ever seen. Bonus – they will custom embroider them with whatever you want! There are seriously piles and piles of jeans too. Most are better sized for men, but there’s some for the ladies in there too. All carefully repaired but not refitted. And cutoffs too, all a bit more reasonably priced than the major brands out there doing this now. The shop is so cute – like a friend’s cool cluttered apartment – and everyone is super friendly and helpful – happy to help you sort through stacks to find the perfect pair. We picked up a rad pair of white Levi’s cutoffs they did as part of a collaboration with a Japanese brand – perfectly distressed with a classic high waist fit. They have some cool turquoise jewelry too. As with any great vintage place, the key is to stop by often to be sure you don’t miss anything.

Lot, Stock and Barrel
801 ½ Traction Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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Louie Loves LA: Backyard Bowls

Acai bowls are everywhere these days and rarely disappoint. Because they are sort of like ice cream and sort of healthy and you can eat them for breakfast. Win! But most of the time they are found at locations dedicated to juice so there usually just one or two options. Of course as the name suggests, Backyard Bowls is all about the bowl so you have tons of options to choose from. Eight to be precise. The menu clearly spells out the base ingredients and toppings for each which we also appreciate. Always good to know what you’re eating right? Our faves are the Island which has mango, pineapple and coconut to give it a tropical flair and the green which mixes in spinach and kale and has a little ginger for a nice kick. Their granola topping is delicious and they have a gluten free option too. The portions are satisfyingly large for sure. They have smoothies too and porridge bowls – steel cut oats, quinoa, amaranth (no clue what this is) etc which are equally tasty. If you get your bowl to stay it is served in a real bowl with a real spoon which is refreshing and the front patio is a lovely spot to enjoy your treat. They have the cutest coffee cups too and serve Four Barrel Coffee (though there is now a massive Blue Bottle next door too). The people who blend up whatever goodness you’ve ordered are behind glass with headphones on which is sort of hilarious. You can also pick up giant things of their homemade nut milk to go. Lots of good things happening here.

Backyard Bowls
8303 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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