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Like all Taylor Tomasi-Hill related things – we’re super into this.  We seriously want this skirt as we’re pretty sure it is the only time any kind of high-low hem has ever looked good.  And this color combo is truly fabulous for fall.  Navy is the perfect accent to soften the black and yellow pairing.  Our take on this will involve black leather pants and a military inspired coat.  

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essex la custom leather clutch yellowbreak mango navy

Louie Loves LA: Fala Bar

We somehow just discovered this place and now it’s all we want to eat. Falafel, salads, burgers – its all vegan and its all amazing. We are not at all vegan but constantly find ourselves writing about how delicious some vegan place is. We mean it every time, but in this case we’d say that Fala Bar the perfect gateway drug for meat lovers hesitant to delve into the plant based world. Everything is super fresh, delicious and also hearty? We hate that word. Let’s go with satisfying. We’re huge fans of all the classic Mediterranean flavors and Fala Bar does them all right. We love that they have falafel flavor options – our favorite is the spicy, which is pleasantly, actually spicy. There’s also sweet potato, crunchy and kale. The burgers are so delicious, because they are made from falafel – duh – and dressed up with perfect combinations toppings and sauces.   The all American has the classic toppings and is definitely a healthier way to satisfy that craving. Basically everything is some combination of fafafel, tahini, hummus, cabbage and their quinoa tabouli – and that’s why its so good! It’s also quick and you canorder online ahead of time so it is easy to swing by and pick it up for lunch or dinner (or have Postmates deliver).   And now we’re starving…

Fala Bar
7751 ½ Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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Louie Loves LA: Makeout


This place is just the cutest. First, its called Makeout. I mean, please. Tucked away behind the Culver Hotel, this place is a delight. All white and bright inside, it is clean and welcoming and the perfect setting for their healthy yet very delicious snacks. We’ll start with the food – there are salads, wraps, bowls and flatbreads. It is all plant based – which apparently what you call meat free, dairy free food that may not be actually totally vegan – but so so tasty, you won’t feel like your making a sacrifice We crave the kelp noodles ALL THE TIME. Full disclosure we still don’t really understand kelp noodles as they seem be made of nothing – they have almost no calories – so if you are craving a big bowl of pasta but don’t actually want to go there, kelp noodles it is! The Black Pepper version is our favorite. We love the rest of the bowls too – quinoa with pesto, brown rice with guacamole. And the salads. Ok so everything is good. There is juice too, and smoothies of course. And lots of little dairy free treats – cookies, macaroons, truffles!   They also have amazing coffee drinks (or chai) with crazy superfood things mixed in. Caffeine with nutrients?   Woohoo!

9426 West Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

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Louie Loves: Narcos

Because you always need a new Netflix show right? – to ruin any productive weekend plans you may have had. Well here it is! Complete with drugs, murder and international incidents! And mustaches. Lots of mustaches. Its pretty crazy actually because while this is fiction, it’s all pretty close to the truth. Real news footage is spliced in with all the drama to reinforce that this all really happened. The story follows Pablo Escobar’s rise to power and the US DEA agents who are trying to take him down. The immediate takeaways – Columbia was really not a good place to be at the time, no mater who you were, your chances of being shot or kidnapped were relatively high. And, the narcos were making completely insane amounts of money. So much so that they had to bury it in fields. Other takeaways – um don’t trust drug dealers. They don’t really seem to live up to their word much here. Like at all. All of the murders, near misses, and general intrigue make for an entertaining show and if nothing else. Pablo’s wardrobe is hilarious.

Watch it right here.

Louie Loves LA: Dinosaur Coffee

It’s apparently National Coffee Day today so… Dinosaur Coffee’s location is one of the main reasons we love it. Right at the intersection of Fountain and Sunset in Silverlake, it’s basically always on the way anytime we are heading to or from the east side. But it’s also really good. The inside is bright, airy and pleasant with white walls, blonde wood shelves and an occasional little dinosaur friend lurking around. They brew SF’s Four Barrel Coffee which is always a fave with a selection of fancy teas from Song Tea too. We’re not going to say it’s cheap but compared to other local spots, the prices are a tiny but more friendly. We very much appreciate that the cold brew is $3.50 as it seems to have reached $5 elsewhere. There’s some bar/ledge seating, small tables up front and a large communal table in back, plus some outdoor space so you can find room to do whatever you need to do. There’s free wifi so there is definitely a crowd that camps out here all day to work. We can’t blame them; it’s pretty lovely. They sometimes have delicious sandwiches from Sopressata and the Yeastie Boys hang there on Saturday mornings so you can get snacks too.

Dinosaur Coffee
4334 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029

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Louie Loves: White Miso Dressing

We know we just told you that this was the dressing you should be making everyday but we have an even newer obsession with this super easy white miso magic. This takes about two minutes to whip up and is light and but flavor packed. Works well on a simple green salad, grain bowls, fried rice, drizzled over chicken, fish or shrimp. Sold yet? We found this recipe over on Bon Appetit and now truly cannot stop making it. It’s so so easy and once you have white miso, doesn’t require any crazy special ingredients. We had really no clue what form white miso would come in or where to look but it seems it can be found in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. At our Whole Foods, it was at the end near the tofu stuff. It’s a paste and comes in a tub. Once that has been obtained you’ll need fresh ginger (we like to keep some in the freezer), garlic, rice vinegar and vegetable oil – all pretty much pantry staples in our book. All you do is grate the garlic and ginger and then whisk everything together. Again – two minutes. It will be slightly thick so you can add a little water to thin it out of you like. We skipped the sugar include in the original because we’re not a fan of sweet dressings. We’ve also made this subbing in apple cider vinegar and sesame oil when we ran out of the actual ingredients. Still delicious every time so feel free to experiment.  Miso has lots of good for you qualities so this is the perfect topper for a big bowl of green things when you need a cleansing meal.

You’ll need:

1 clove garlic
2 teaspoons peeled and grated ginger
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
1 tablespoon white miso
3 tablespoons vegetable oil

What to do:

Grate the garlic and ginger into a bowl with a microplane grater (If you don’t have one, chop them up as small as you possible can). Add the vinegar and miso. Whisk in the oil. Add a little water if you want it thinner.

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Oh hey.   We always appreciate a bold, bright look like this and now we can’t believe we never thought to pair our Dodger leather with a highlighter zipper.  We’ll be whipping one up right away and we see no reason not to pair it with more color.  Perhaps in print form like this awesome MSGM number.

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essex la custom leather clutch dodger red highlighter

Louie Loves LA: Coolhaus

Well obviously. Cookie ice cream sandwiches people. To be honest, we feel a tiny bit bad straying from our first love Diddy Riese, but Coolhaus’s fancied up version deserves some love too. To start their ice cream flavors are NUTS. Nuts like Pizza. And Pastrami. And Netflix – which is White Cheddar Popcorn ice cream with Doritos in it. Plus less crazy but super delicious things like Molten Chocolate Cake and Cookies & Cream. Our go to when we’re not feeling adventurous is the Vietnamese Iced Coffee which involves condensed milk (in case you didn’t know, condensed milk secretly makes everything delicious). They always have a few vegan flavors around too – the Cinnamon Speculoos is bomb. But you’ve come here to make an ice cream sandwich so you also need to consider the cookies. Options include Maple Flapjack, Marbled Rye and a Fruit Pebbles Rice Krispie treat. We usually do one Double Chocolate Chip. But obvs you should use two different cookies for your sandwich because duh. So that leaves room for something like a Ginger Molasses (which happens to be vegan) or a Coconut Almond Chip (which happens to be gluten free). Or if you are a winner a Black & White cookie. They also make shakes and floats with fancy sodas. Everything is basically a perfect version of your childhood summer fantasies. But it actually tastes good and not just like some stoner version of Chopped. Stop by and visit because obviously only geniuses would make Fried Chicken and Waffle ice cream. And then put it between cookies.

Coolhaus – Click here for menus (and check twitter for updates).

find the trucks

Or visit a shop:

8588 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

59 E. Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA91105

Louie Loves: Where’s Karl

So we’ve always been Waldo fans. Love following him around on his adventures. But we can’t really relate to Waldo you know, with his backpack and that creepy wizard friend of his. Karl however, with his trademark white collar and black shades is a much more fashion forward traveler. And his cat Choupette is quite adorable. In Where’s Karl we follow him around the globe to all the chicest places – London, Milan, Paris, St. Mortiz, Dubai and of course LA where he hangs out at the Chateau Marmont pool after the Oscars Duh. He hits up Miami for Art Basel and then heads to Tulum for the holidays. It’s brilliant. Of course his fashionable friends pop up in all these places too – Anna, Grace, Tilda, Gisele and crew are all along for the ride. Bill Cunnigham is there to photograph it all. Derek Balsberg is hanging out, crafting the perfect Instagram caption, and a host of other stylish celebs and even your favorite bloggers make appearances. It’s all very clever and very cute and truly fun for all ages. We’ve stockpiled a ton to be distributed as gifts to everyone we know, for all occasions, in the coming months.


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So really, we just want this dress.  It’s Gucci and you can get it here.  But we also love this girl’s super relaxed styling here.  Flat black loafers and Wayfarers.  Yes and yes.  We’re very into long-sleeved dresses for fall and we’ll pair this Louie with a cool all-black version to keep the look from getting too heavy.  The Strawberry shade is just the thing to help you literally hold on to summer for a little bit longer.

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essex la custom leather clutch strawberry emerald fuchsia

Louie Loves LA: Go Greek Yogurt

We‘re big fans of real deal ice cream so we usually don’t get too excited about frozen yogurt places but Go Greek is changing that. Their “kryo” frozen yogurt is made from with their house made traditional Greek yogurt so it is naturally low in calories and sugar and filled with protein and all-important probiotics. They have a classic plain flavor (our fave), honey, berry and chocolate with seasonal flavors rotated in. The set up is self-serve and you add your own toppings as well. They have all kinds of fresh fruit, nuts, seeds etc and some fancy things like thyme flavored honey and feta cheese. Everything feels very clean and fresh. But all of this fro-yo business id only half the Go Greek magic. You can also get their traditional Greek yogurt (0%, 2% or 10% fat) topped with a million great things. They even list them by health benefit. The savory combinations are actually our favorite and all feel like the kind of light lovely lunch you want to have on vacation somewhere fabulous, overlooking the ocean. Like uh, Greece. They come with pita bread so it is basically a delicious healthy dip. And who doesn’t like dip? Try the tzatziki or the aceso which is topped with mango, avocado, jalapeños, lemon and hemp seeds. So good.

Go Greek Yogurt
452 N. Bedford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Louie Loves: Krewe du Optic

We’ve slowly become sunglass hoarders over the past few years. We’ve always been huge Ray-Ban fans, but we really don’t discriminate. We’ll pick up cheap $10 pairs if we’re into the look. But it had been awhile since we were truly obsessed with a pair. Then we discovered Krewe and now we simultaneously want every pair and think each pair they make could be our go to everyday pair. Krewe is based in New Orleans, which made us like them right away. All of their styles are of the moment but have added details that set them not just apart but above everything else that is out there. You can feel the quality right away. They feel secure and sturdy. The packaging is on point too. They come in a very nice (but a bit bulky) hard square case with the lens wipe printed with a New Orleans scene. Even the exterior box they come in is cool. We love all this detail and we love our first pair of shades so much the only question is which ones next. We started with the St. Louis pair in Bengal with polarized lenses. We’re thinking the CL-10 will be next. There are so good. We really can’t wait to see what next season brings. Be sure to stop by their shop if you fond your self in New Orleans. It looks delightful and they even serve coffee. They are going to have to kick us out. Oh and they made regular glasses too – we almost want a fake pair.

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This jacket!  We need it.  And we need to learn how to rock a neck scarf like this.  And maybe to copy this mix and match nail situation.  And really to just BE this woman.  Until all of that is worked out, will rock the matching Louie with as many bangles and rings as possible.  This one is so so good paired with navy.  Perhaps with a crisp double-breasted blazer, white tank, and the currently trendy cropped, wide leg jeans.  Go to fall outfit – DONE.

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essex la custom leather clutch jungle periwinkle fuchsia

Louie Loves LA: Rice Bar

A bowl of rice topped with lots of delicious things is never really a bad idea right? But this isn’t just rice. This is heirloom rice. Get excited. So if you know something about rice, you can choose your variety and pick your toppings. Alternatively you can go with Rice Bar’s recommended pairings. You can choose from housemade pork sausage, chicken, beef or crispy anchovies all with a selection of paired garnishes like pickled vegetables, garlic crumbs, green papaya, and chili leaves. Are you hungry yet. The bowls are a good size and you can watch your being assembled as the whole restaurant space cant be more than 300 square feet so where ever you are you are basically in the kitchen. It’s cute though, with bright stools pulled up to a marble topped bar that surrounds the little kitchen. Everyone is very friendly and happy to chat and explains things while they prep your meal. Our picks for the bowl are the sausage which comes over garlic fried rice and the anchovies – a lighter option topped with fresh avocado and tomato that is a perfectly salty and crunchy and delicious. If you still have room, definitely pick up a housemade rice crispy treat which will truly shame those ones you made for bake sales in middle school. These are the real deal, with fancy flavors and all.

Rice Bar
419 W. 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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Louie Loves: Solid & Striped


So we had been waiting to buy a Solid & Striped suit for what seemed like all summer. Our only hesitation was that we were convinced a friend would have already bought one so we could check the fit in person. When that didn’t happened a 30% off Labor Day sale when we had a trip to Tulum on the books was all we need to pull the trigger. Our Morgan bikini arrived just a few days later and we were instantly in love. To start we love all of the uh solid, striped, and print options. Perfect basics. They come in all varieties of styles, from one piece to skimpy triangle bikini.   Our pick is somewhere in the middle. A sporty bikini with a sort of bra like (meaning not halter fit) and contrasting trim to up the athletic vibe, we probably wouldn’t recommend it for a serious ocean swim but it definitely stands up to casual beach play with no pulling and tugging needed. Already a win. We are usually all for cheap swimwear but the material on these really does seem like a step up so it shouldn’t become see-though after a couple ocean dips. We’re very happy with our initial order and cannot wait to try more styles, particularly the super chic, classic Anne-Marie one piece. They make some rompers, tanks and sweatshirts too. All which look equally simple in a good way and are of coure the perfect toppers for your suit when its time for that happy hour cocktail or fireside s’mores. Oh and they make men’s too.


30% off through 9/7 with code LABORDAY30


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