Like it? Louie it!

We love some bold print mixing and so naturally we want to be this girl.  We also love the combo of this wintery coat over a summery dress.  So many good things happening. Translated into Louie form, why not continue in this vein and pair it with your favorite printed dress?  So easy.

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essex la custom leather clutch springbreak lagoon red

Like it? Louie it!

Taking some inspiration from the boys this week because it’s almost Valentine’s day and this guy’s pops of pink and purple couldn’t be any cuter.  Paring these girly shades with all black tones them down perfectly.  Same goes for the Louie.  Great way to incorporate a little bit of feminine color even if you’re generally in head to toe black.  In fact, this one is just the thing to pair with yoru monochromatic ensembles.

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essex la custom leather clutch black pebble periwinkle fuchsia

Louie Loves LA: The World of Vintage T-Shirts

People love to hate this place, but those people are dumb.  It’s an oasis filled with wonderful vintage tees, all neatly hung up and arranged by size for easy browsing. People who say ‘you could get these at your local Goodwill’ have clearly not been to their local Goodwill in the recent past.  No doubt your local Goodwill has already been ransacked because vintage tees are now a serious business.  The racks there likely hold only thick, stiff XXL Oracle shirts dumped after a corporate event.  Even if you devote serious time to browsing, you won’t come up with much.  The folks here have already done the sifting for you so you are left with a nice selection of tees.  There is enough to comb though to still make it feel like a hunt but it is not overwhelming.  And the racks aren’t over packed so it’s easy to quickly flip through everything in your carefully sorted size section.  Prices are generally in the $15 to $40 range which really doesn’t seem that bad to us.  And it is still much better than buying a fake vintage one across the street at Urban Outfitters right?  They have occasional sales and will usually give you a discount if you seem to be wavering.  We usually just go for the thinnest ones we can find in a color we like.  The staff knows exactly what they have in stock and where everything is if you are looking for something specific.  There is a special section for sports tees so you can scout out your team easily.  And a premium section with sought after classics including killer band tees and forever cool brands like Coke.  These ones do get a little pricey but a perfect 80s Ocean Pacific muscle tee maybe worth it…

The World of Vintage Tee Shirts
7701 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Summer Wedding Style – Warehouse Wedding

One of your friend’s will definitely get married in a warehouse in some sketchy part of town.  And it will be awesome.  And you will wonder why you don’t get married in a random dirty industrial space.  This is the perfect occasion to go a little edgy and bust out a jumpsuit.  Keep it chic with a structured fit and some fun but fancy accessories.

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essex la summer wedding style - warehouse wedding

Summer Wedding Style – Country Club Wedding

We sort of view country club weddings a theme party.  They are the perfect excuse to break out your preppy best.  To avoid looking like the mother of the bride keep things modern with a dress that shows a little skin.  Pearl earrings are of course the ultimate accessory, go for a fresh updated version of the classic.

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essex la summer wedding style - country club wedding


Summer Wedding Style

It’s summer.  It’s the weekend.  You are probably going to a wedding.  It’s probably the first of six you’ll be attending in the next eight weeks.  We’re here to help – style wise – with our picks for all your summer wedding locations.  Head to toe looks, paired with the perfect Louie of course.  First up, the beach wedding.

The trouble with a beach wedding is that you need to look appropriately breeze and laidback without looking like you just threw on your pool cover up and wandered over.  The pastel pink and black combo here is absolutely perfect with our Jacaranda purple Louie.  Hopefully your look will end up matching the sunset hues.

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essex la summer wedding style - beach wedding

Like it? Louie it!

We love this look from The Classy Cubicle.  Seriously, who thought a brown corduroy skirt could look this good?  We like that her take on chocolate brown, when paired with pink and a pop of turquoise looks classic rather than just preppy.  The tortoise shell sunnies are the perfect finishing touch.  We want to pair this Louie with a summery floral dress and strappy tan sandals.  Garden party perfect.

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essex la custom leather clutch chocolate brown hot pink french blue

Louie It x 100

We just realized this week was our 100th Louie It which is pretty fun.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve put all 100 together right here for your visual pleasure.  Bookmark this and consult when you can’t decide what Louie to whip up next or if you just need some outfit inspiration.  We’r pretty sure there are no repeats.  If you spot one, feel free to call us out.

Like It Louie It - Essex LA custom leather clutch
Like It Louie It - Essex LA custom leather clutch
Like It Louie It - Essex LA custom leather clutch
Like It Louie It - Essex LA custom leather clutch

Like it? Louie it!

Doesn’t this room look so cozy?  (Spotted on Domaine of course, our fave site.)  The dark paneled walls could be a bit daunting but with the indigo rug and pops of bright orange everything looks rich without looking too serious.  The flashes of bright in the pillow, side tables and art add the perfect punch.  The resulting Louie strikes a similar balance.  We’d love to pair this one with a tailored camel coat over jeans and a t-shirt for a slightly dressed up weekend look.

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essex la custom leather clutch chocolate orange navy

Louie Loves: House of Cards

If you haven’t yet devoted an entire weekend of your life to Frank Underwood, we suggest your clear your calendar.  House of Cards is just so good.  We’ve yet to meet anyone who wasn’t instantly hooked.  Kevin Spacey’s Underwood is a master manipulator, making everyone in DC do exactly what they don’t want to.  It’s amazing.  And while he is far from the good guy it is still hard not too root for him.  Spacey’s occasional asides to the camera are perfect.  It’s pretty clear he is going to get what he wants so its real just a question of how long he can keep people from finding out how he got it.  Robin Wright is equally implacable as the senator’s wife, with a pretty serious wardrobe too.  If you have little faith in politics this is just the show for you.  Of course, since all of these wavering deceitful people are not actually in charge of our country these antics are quite amusing.  So far, its all still less ridiculous than Scandal so you know, totally realistic.

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