Louie Loves LA: Block Party

Spring is on the horizon, which means someday very soon when the weather is perfect some friend will text on a Friday afternoon saying ‘Happy hour?!?! Let’s go somewhere outside!” And you say “Yessssssss!” and then you’ll both spending 20 minutes racking your brains for somewhere lovely to sit outside and sip tasty bevs. You’ll come up with nothing and then say “this is LA! WHY are there not more places to sit outside with tasty bevs!!!!” Enter Block Party. This spot in Highland Park is insanely cute (aka highly Instgrammable) and very ready for you to come chill for hours in the sunshine – or in the shade of one of their snazzy umbrellas. They have lots and lots of fancy beer which is normally not our jam but the bartenders are very nice non judgmental beer nerds so if you say something like “I don’t like nice beer” and they will kindly point you towards a very light refreshing Mexican style lager in a cool looking can. Win! They have rotating fancy and local beers on tap plus multiple fridges full of cool kid cans and bottles. BUT you also want a Michelada because duh but also because at Block Party they come with an adorable mini popsicle on top for dipping! So cute! So refreshing! They have some snowcone like drinks for those extra hot days too. You’ll need one to cool you down after an extra competitive shuffle board game on the back patio. If you are really wiped out, grab some pretzels to refuel. They come a cheese sauce dipping situation. Uh huh. Many days they have food truck out front for more serious snacking needs. They open at five during the week (with happy hour until seven) and at noon on Saturday and Sunday sooo yah get ready to camp out here.

Block Party
5052 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042

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