Louie Loves: Imogene + Willie

We’ve been obsessed with Imogene + Willie for a while now. From afar that is. The jeans always looked super cool but denim must be seen in person. We finally got the chance to visit the Nashville store recently and immediately wanted five pairs of jeans and ten t-shirts. And also everything in the store – it is packed with cool vintage finds. We managed to walk out with just one perfect pair and a cool vintage patch. Seriously though it took us a few minutes to get to the jeans because we were busy fondling the extra soft shirts. Perfectly worn in like that one t-shirt you still have from high school, or the one you wisely stole from your Dad years ago, but in very cute, easy cuts. When we were ready for denim we said we were looking for something dark with a medium rise. We only had to try on one pair. When does that happen??? The staff picked out just what we were looking for, in the correct size no less and we now wear our Josettes almost daily. They waist is just high enough to be super flattering and the ankle is slim but not super skinny – also extra flattering and good with all shoe types. What we really love about them is the denim – thick and dark with just a hint of stretch. They will break in nice and slow and only get better with age, but the stretch makes them instantly wearable. Of course there are many other styles and washes but this seemed like a great first pair. Lucky for us (and all West Coasters), Imogene + Willie just moved their headquarters to LA and the Arts District office includes a retail store. Hooray! We’ve already been. Of course. And picked up our fave Josette cut in stone white, which is not surprisingly a spot on slightly creamy shade that looks fresh but not too preppy. The men’s stuff is even better if that is possible. So your new fave jeans, amazing tees – basically your new everyday wardrobe. Done.

Check out their website right here.

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