Louie Loves: Hugo Guinness

We’ve been obsessed with Hugo Guinness’s prints for years. All it took was one visit to the John Derian store and we were hooked. He specializes in lino cut prints which are basically woodcuts but with linoleum. They sorta look like they were done with a very large very cool rubber stamp – obviously a very technical description…. He has done illustrations for The New Yorker and Vogue and worked with Wes Anderson on several movies – they wrote grand Budapest Hotel together – so yah, he’s cool. He’s also worked with Coach and J.Crew. The prints are mostly of everyday objects, words or phrases. A comb, a safety pin, a typewriter – maybe a bulldog puppy, or a knight. Instantly all of these simple things become special. And there is definitely something for everyone. They are mostly black and white with red making an occasional appearance which also means they look good pretty much any where – whether your home is ultra modern or filled with wallpaper and antiques. The prints come in three sizes, which makes them easy to fit in to any gallery wall visions you may have. The smaller ones fit nicely on a bookshelf. Our only problem is deciding which one we want next and how many is too many to own. Luckily the prints are almost even more fun to gift so we’ll just starting giving them out if we run out of room.

Shop for them at John Derian.

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