Louie Loves: Have’a Chips

These are the best corn chips ever. Ever. They are not traditional corn chips in that they don’t seem to have anything to do with a tortilla and claim no connection to Mexico. Also they involve soy sauce. This is clearly the secret as the other ingredients are corn, soy bean oil, and ‘a dash of lime.’ Soy sauce is salty and delicious and once you taste these you’ll realize the question is not ‘why is there soy sauce on these corn chips?’ but ‘why isn’t there soy sauce on all corn chips?’ Seriously, they are perfect. So crispy, with little air pockets that keep them extra light. They are thin, but not so thin they cannot support a substantial scoop of dip. A bag of Have’a Chips and a of bowl of fresh salsa is pretty much heaven. But they are versatile enough to pair with any dip like snacking treat – hummus, beans, queso, pimento cheese perhaps? Go nuts. But you do not NEED a dip. Have’a Chips are truly the only corn chips that are tasty enough to eat on their own. We asked for a case for Christmas. Best gift we’ve ever received. They are currently being hoarded in a cupboard, out of sight of guests that might think our stock pile means they could take a bag home with them.

Order up a case for yourself here.

Or you can find them at most Southern California grocery stores.   Bristol Farms always has them.

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