Louie Loves LA: The Now

The Now just opened last week and we already know we’ll be spending serious amounts of time there. This place is the massage spot we have always dreamed of. It’s insanely cute and cozy AND reasonably priced. Yes please! The treatments are $35 for 30 minutes or $60 for 60 minutes. Not bad at all. And the experience is ten times that of similarly priced places that usually feel either a little gross or too sterile. The Now on the other hand is beautiful. All white with calf hair rugs and fluffy sheepskin everywhere. They have a few different services to choose from. The Now is a classic full body massage. This is what we tried and it was absolutely perfect. You are not in a private room, but in your own little walled off area, with a heated massage bed, Moroccan rugs and gentle wave sounds. It’s heavenly. Other options – The Healer which is more of an energy situation, The Stretch – good for sore muscles and flexibility, The Travel – to balance and reset, plus The Upper – head focused, and The Roots – for feet and legs. You can choose an aromatherapy oil to add on or an eye mask – perfection. Plus they are open until 10pm everyday making it easy to squeeze in some workday relaxation.   Cannot wait to go back!

The Now
7611 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Click here to check out the services.

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