Louie Loves: Mexican Train

We’ve done some nerdy Louie Loves before but telling you about our favorite domino game may take the cake. But with the holidays on the horizon you’ll likely be spending large amounts of time with relatives you only see once a year. This game is perfect for killing time and really works for people of all ages. Pretty sure the box says age six and up.   That said, some of our relatives view this as a game of intense strategy and skill (at least when they are winning). In reality it is probably 95% luck and 5% strategy. Or maybe that last 5% is just paying attention. Either way it doesn’t require so much focus that you can’t chat and enjoy some drinks and snacks while you play. But when you win, you feel entitled to a bit of bragging. You can play with any set of double twelve dominoes but we highly recommend purchasing an official Mexican Train game because then the dominoes will be color-coded. This means they are pretty but more importantly you don’t even have to count! Woohoo. Just match the colors. The game works with just two players or up to eight. Another bonus, each round goes pretty quickly and you can play as many as you want so opening it up doesn’t mean a serious time commitment. New players can join in any time. The only thing that would really prohibit children from playing is how much your family tends to swear when playing only mildly competitive games. It’s really fun and highly addictive. Also good for weekends with friends and naturally a perfect gift to bring with you on such trips. You’ll be a hero.  And yah, no idea why it is called Mexican Train.

Buy our preferred full size version here. And travel set here.

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