Louie Loves LA: Wanderlust Hollywood

Alright so Wanderlust has amazing yoga and mediation and the space is beautiful and they have memberships. Or so we have been told. We just go for the food. It is all really pretty though, we an attest to that. And it was opened by the people who run those Wanderlust festival things so they definitely know their yoga. But back to the food, they are open all day serving breakfast, lunch and snacks, plus pastries and smoothies. You can pick up juices too. Everything is organic and vegetarian options are everywhere but so are eggs and cheese and you can add salmon, chicken or steak to anything. It is refreshing to health conscious fare that caters to meat eaters too. At breakfast we like the savory take on oatmeal with mushrooms, Parmesan and a fried egg and the avocado toast. Generally we find order avocado toast at restaurants semi absurd but this version is tops – complete with soft-boiled egg and radishes. They also have premade overnight oat type things which are just the right amount of sweet and perfect if you are on the go. We’ve become addicted to the mango smoothie. With turmeric, keifer, flax, ginger and coconut milk it filled with good for you things and so so delicious. Later in the day we go for the black rice bowl or the kale Caesar with salmon. They also have Tom’s coffee and bone broth from Bel Campo. Everything just seems very fresh. Which is maybe because they also have a garden in back growing herbs and kale and such for your dish. Sooooo even if like us, you do not participate in yoga or meditation of any kind, Wanderlust is still for you! Check it out.

Wanderlust Hollywood
1357 N. Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Click here for menus.

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