Louie Loves: Malo’s Burnt Habanero Cream Salsa

We’ve been fans of Malo since our early days in LA and as we tell everyone constantly they have the best Caesar Salad in the city.   But it doesn’t matter what we’ve order, every meal there starts with a huge basket of chips and their Burnt Habanero Cream Salsa. It’s incredibly spicy but impossible to resist so basically we keep wolfing down chips while our mouth is on fire. (Margaritas help with the heat obvs.) We’ve always wanted to recreate this goodness at home but assumed that would involve slow roasting peppers and sourcing hard to find Mexican ingredients. The one day we stumbled on this recipe claiming to mimic Malo’s trademark goodness. We were quite skeptical. It seemed too easy. So few ingredients, just a couple of beyond-easy steps. This could not possibly be all that was required to whip up this restaurant fave at home. We tried this out when making a giant mountain of nachos for a party this summer. We figure the nachos would be delicious on their own so this accompaniment was not crucial. On this first go round we didn’t even have all of the very few ingredients required and it was still incredible. We couldn’t believe how close to the original it tasted. And while we doubt Malo’s actual recipe is anywhere near this basic (and uh probably involves actual habanero peppers), we’re happy to have this filed away for parties. It’s equally great with nachos or just a bag of chips. Perfect for game watching and tailgating and of course any Mexican fiesta.

(Something Very Close To) Malo’s Burnt Habanero Cream Salsa

What you need:
16oz container of sour cream or Mexican crema
1 can chipotle in adobo peppers
1 cup fresh cilantro
1 ½ tablespoons honey

What to do:
Blend everything – cream, cilantro, honey, juice of the lime, and the peppers from the can (but not the sauce) in a food processor (you could probably use a Vitamix too).

That’s it! If you want it spicier add some of the sauce from the peppers.

2 thoughts on “Louie Loves: Malo’s Burnt Habanero Cream Salsa

  1. Tried this tonight after trying to recreate a creamy habanero salsa at a taqueria we used to have in town…this was delicious! I served it with Piccadillo Empanadas and it paired perfectly! Thanks!

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