Louie Loves LA: Fala Bar

We somehow just discovered this place and now it’s all we want to eat. Falafel, salads, burgers – its all vegan and its all amazing. We are not at all vegan but constantly find ourselves writing about how delicious some vegan place is. We mean it every time, but in this case we’d say that Fala Bar the perfect gateway drug for meat lovers hesitant to delve into the plant based world. Everything is super fresh, delicious and also hearty? We hate that word. Let’s go with satisfying. We’re huge fans of all the classic Mediterranean flavors and Fala Bar does them all right. We love that they have falafel flavor options – our favorite is the spicy, which is pleasantly, actually spicy. There’s also sweet potato, crunchy and kale. The burgers are so delicious, because they are made from falafel – duh – and dressed up with perfect combinations toppings and sauces.   The all American has the classic toppings and is definitely a healthier way to satisfy that craving. Basically everything is some combination of fafafel, tahini, hummus, cabbage and their quinoa tabouli – and that’s why its so good! It’s also quick and you canorder online ahead of time so it is easy to swing by and pick it up for lunch or dinner (or have Postmates deliver).   And now we’re starving…

Fala Bar
7751 ½ Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Click here for menus.

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