Louie Loves: Narcos

Because you always need a new Netflix show right? – to ruin any productive weekend plans you may have had. Well here it is! Complete with drugs, murder and international incidents! And mustaches. Lots of mustaches. Its pretty crazy actually because while this is fiction, it’s all pretty close to the truth. Real news footage is spliced in with all the drama to reinforce that this all really happened. The story follows Pablo Escobar’s rise to power and the US DEA agents who are trying to take him down. The immediate takeaways – Columbia was really not a good place to be at the time, no mater who you were, your chances of being shot or kidnapped were relatively high. And, the narcos were making completely insane amounts of money. So much so that they had to bury it in fields. Other takeaways – um don’t trust drug dealers. They don’t really seem to live up to their word much here. Like at all. All of the murders, near misses, and general intrigue make for an entertaining show and if nothing else. Pablo’s wardrobe is hilarious.

Watch it right here.

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