Louie Loves LA: Dinosaur Coffee

It’s apparently National Coffee Day today so… Dinosaur Coffee’s location is one of the main reasons we love it. Right at the intersection of Fountain and Sunset in Silverlake, it’s basically always on the way anytime we are heading to or from the east side. But it’s also really good. The inside is bright, airy and pleasant with white walls, blonde wood shelves and an occasional little dinosaur friend lurking around. They brew SF’s Four Barrel Coffee which is always a fave with a selection of fancy teas from Song Tea too. We’re not going to say it’s cheap but compared to other local spots, the prices are a tiny but more friendly. We very much appreciate that the cold brew is $3.50 as it seems to have reached $5 elsewhere. There’s some bar/ledge seating, small tables up front and a large communal table in back, plus some outdoor space so you can find room to do whatever you need to do. There’s free wifi so there is definitely a crowd that camps out here all day to work. We can’t blame them; it’s pretty lovely. They sometimes have delicious sandwiches from Sopressata and the Yeastie Boys hang there on Saturday mornings so you can get snacks too.

Dinosaur Coffee
4334 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Click here for more info.

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