Louie Loves: Where’s Karl

So we’ve always been Waldo fans. Love following him around on his adventures. But we can’t really relate to Waldo you know, with his backpack and that creepy wizard friend of his. Karl however, with his trademark white collar and black shades is a much more fashion forward traveler. And his cat Choupette is quite adorable. In Where’s Karl we follow him around the globe to all the chicest places – London, Milan, Paris, St. Mortiz, Dubai and of course LA where he hangs out at the Chateau Marmont pool after the Oscars Duh. He hits up Miami for Art Basel and then heads to Tulum for the holidays. It’s brilliant. Of course his fashionable friends pop up in all these places too – Anna, Grace, Tilda, Gisele and crew are all along for the ride. Bill Cunnigham is there to photograph it all. Derek Balsberg is hanging out, crafting the perfect Instagram caption, and a host of other stylish celebs and even your favorite bloggers make appearances. It’s all very clever and very cute and truly fun for all ages. We’ve stockpiled a ton to be distributed as gifts to everyone we know, for all occasions, in the coming months.


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