Louie Loves LA: Go Greek Yogurt

We‘re big fans of real deal ice cream so we usually don’t get too excited about frozen yogurt places but Go Greek is changing that. Their “kryo” frozen yogurt is made from with their house made traditional Greek yogurt so it is naturally low in calories and sugar and filled with protein and all-important probiotics. They have a classic plain flavor (our fave), honey, berry and chocolate with seasonal flavors rotated in. The set up is self-serve and you add your own toppings as well. They have all kinds of fresh fruit, nuts, seeds etc and some fancy things like thyme flavored honey and feta cheese. Everything feels very clean and fresh. But all of this fro-yo business id only half the Go Greek magic. You can also get their traditional Greek yogurt (0%, 2% or 10% fat) topped with a million great things. They even list them by health benefit. The savory combinations are actually our favorite and all feel like the kind of light lovely lunch you want to have on vacation somewhere fabulous, overlooking the ocean. Like uh, Greece. They come with pita bread so it is basically a delicious healthy dip. And who doesn’t like dip? Try the tzatziki or the aceso which is topped with mango, avocado, jalapeños, lemon and hemp seeds. So good.

Go Greek Yogurt
452 N. Bedford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Click here for menus.

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