Louie Loves: Krewe du Optic

We’ve slowly become sunglass hoarders over the past few years. We’ve always been huge Ray-Ban fans, but we really don’t discriminate. We’ll pick up cheap $10 pairs if we’re into the look. But it had been awhile since we were truly obsessed with a pair. Then we discovered Krewe and now we simultaneously want every pair and think each pair they make could be our go to everyday pair. Krewe is based in New Orleans, which made us like them right away. All of their styles are of the moment but have added details that set them not just apart but above everything else that is out there. You can feel the quality right away. They feel secure and sturdy. The packaging is on point too. They come in a very nice (but a bit bulky) hard square case with the lens wipe printed with a New Orleans scene. Even the exterior box they come in is cool. We love all this detail and we love our first pair of shades so much the only question is which ones next. We started with the St. Louis pair in Bengal with polarized lenses. We’re thinking the CL-10 will be next. There are so good. We really can’t wait to see what next season brings. Be sure to stop by their shop if you fond your self in New Orleans. It looks delightful and they even serve coffee. They are going to have to kick us out. Oh and they made regular glasses too – we almost want a fake pair.

Click here to check out their site.

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