Louie Loves: Solid & Striped


So we had been waiting to buy a Solid & Striped suit for what seemed like all summer. Our only hesitation was that we were convinced a friend would have already bought one so we could check the fit in person. When that didn’t happened a 30% off Labor Day sale when we had a trip to Tulum on the books was all we need to pull the trigger. Our Morgan bikini arrived just a few days later and we were instantly in love. To start we love all of the uh solid, striped, and print options. Perfect basics. They come in all varieties of styles, from one piece to skimpy triangle bikini.   Our pick is somewhere in the middle. A sporty bikini with a sort of bra like (meaning not halter fit) and contrasting trim to up the athletic vibe, we probably wouldn’t recommend it for a serious ocean swim but it definitely stands up to casual beach play with no pulling and tugging needed. Already a win. We are usually all for cheap swimwear but the material on these really does seem like a step up so it shouldn’t become see-though after a couple ocean dips. We’re very happy with our initial order and cannot wait to try more styles, particularly the super chic, classic Anne-Marie one piece. They make some rompers, tanks and sweatshirts too. All which look equally simple in a good way and are of coure the perfect toppers for your suit when its time for that happy hour cocktail or fireside s’mores. Oh and they make men’s too.


30% off through 9/7 with code LABORDAY30


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