Louie Loves: Fort Tilden

This movie is hilarious and will make you so so happy you aren’t these girls. Unless of course you live in Brooklyn and are 25 in which case you will be like UGH this IS my life! The iTunes plot summary is “A comedy about Allie and Harper and their needlessly difficult journey to the beach.” And that’s exactly what it is.   The term ‘needlessly difficult’ is genius and certainly applies to this beach day from hell. But we can all relate as we’ve all had grand plans that didn’t work out. And sketchy upstairs neighbors, and friends in terrible bands. The day starts with Allie ditching out on her Peace Corps orientation meeting (she’s headed to Liberia) to join Harper who’s determined to meet up with the hot guy they met at last night’s party. Stolen bikes, sketchy cab drivers, watery iced coffees, and topless high schoolers thwart them at every turn. It’s all fairly infuriating and seriously funny to watch. Trailer below.  Enjoy!

On iTunes now.

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