Louie Loves: Your New Favorite Salad Dressing

Nutritional yeast is certainly the grossest sounding food product ever. So much so that we refused to put it in the title of this post. But it does make for a bomb salad dressing that you’ll soon be putting on everything. We promise. We’re still unclear exactly what nutritional yeast is but it is in fact somewhat nutritious as it provides protein, iron and B vitamins. It is technically deactivated yeast which apparently means thin yellow flakes that resemble fish food. You’re totally on board now right? It also smells a bit weird. Stay with us. It’s found in many many vegan things because people claim it tastes cheesy. If you are not vegan and regularly eat cheese you will likely not agree with this claim.   But it does have a certain richness to it and that why we like it so much in this salad dressing. When added to otherwise pretty standard dressing ingredients, it adds a sort of salty sort of tangy flavor that you will quickly realize makes everything better. We love this on any salad, drizzled over grain bowls, as a dip for fresh veggies (currently loving it with snap peas), even on eggs. And as with all good salad dressing you just dump all this stuff together and blend. We looked up a bunch of recipes and after some trials this is sort of a combo of all of them.

Your New Favorite Salad Dressing

You’ll need:

½ cup nutritional yeast
1/3 cup tamari or soy sauce
1/3 apple cider vinegar (any vinegar would work really)
few cloves of garlic
1 cup olive oil
¼ water (more or less depending on how thick you want it)

What to do:
Put it all in a blender and blend away.

This makes at least 2 cups which is ideal as it keeps for a week or two in the fridge and you’ll want to put it on everything.

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