Louie Loves LA: Yeastie Boys Bagels

We’re fan of anyone who spends their days pedaling carbs. Particularly bagels which have become quite taboo these days. Seriously, mentioned that you had a bagel for breakfast on a random Tuesday and people will look at you like you have three heads or say something like “oh you were hungover?” as though there MUST be an actual reason you were driven to such indulgence. The fine folks at Yeastie Boys don’t just make delicious bagels, they bring the bagels to you, posting up at all of LA’s best coffee spots. Joy! They have all the classic bagel varieties – sesame, poppy, everything etc – all nice and fluffy inside with a smooth shiny outside. Their smear options are a little fancied up but with all the classic flavors. There’s a small menu of their fave sandwich combos to pick from but you can mix it up however you want – thing sliced cucumber, red onion, sprouts, bacon, turkey sausage, avocado all available. The Game Over is a serious version of the bacon egg and cheese you love and you may never want to go back to the original. The Lox has all the classic bagely flavors and there’s even a vegan option that is just as bomb as all the rest. There are special everyday too including some lunchier options. These days they are in West Hollywood Tuesday and Wednesay (Alfred Coffee), on Fairfax Thursday (Pretty Pretty Collective), downtown Friday (Stumptown) and in Silverlake on Saturday and Sunday (Dinosaur/the new Alfred). Follow them on Instagram for the latest and any schedule changes. Oh and they cater too.

Yeastie Boys Bagels

Tuesday – Alfred Melrose Place
Wednesday – Alfred Melrose Place
Thursday – Pretty Pretty Collective
Friday – Stumptown Coffee
Saturday – Dinosaur Coffee
Sunday – Alfred Silverlake

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