Louie Loves LA: Potato Chips Deli

Or more accurately the new and improved Potato Chips.  We’ve always been fans of Potato Chips’ simple, no nonsense menu, but we just couldn’t get behind the bread at Potato Chips’ previous incarnation and of course the bread is rather important to a sandwich.  Luckily with their move around the corner, the bread was upgraded and is now AMAZING.  It’s soft on the inside and lightly crispy on the outside – the dream sandwich bread, it doesn’t collapse or get soggy and it isn’t too tough to easily get through in one bite.  With this as the new foundation for their classic offerings, Potato Chips has been reinvented in our eyes.   The décor is casual and with tile floors, white walls and nautical paintings, makes us feel a bit like we are on vacation.  We’ll take it.  Enjoy your tasty lunch with a cold brew coffee, fresh lemonade or Mexican coke and, of course, some chips (and make a chocolate chip cookie for dessert).  There are only seven items on the menu but seriously who gets sick of a perfect sandwich?  The basic turkey may actually be our favorite.  An herb aioli and hint of balsamic make it stand out.  The roast beef is a close runner up with arugula and horseradish mayo but really you can’t go wrong.  Lunch date anyone?

Potato Chips
308 N. Stanley Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Click here for the menu.

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