Louie Loves: Superga

So obviously Superga has been around for quite some time now, and we’ve had a few pairs over the years but with a recent purchase, we’ve become true fans.  They really are the perfect around town sneaker.  We would never disparage the American greats – Converse, Vans etc – but there is something a bit chicer about the classic Superga, something that makes pairing them with dresses seem more natural and less of a look how laid back I am in my sneakers statement.  The all rubber sole makes them super comfortable so they are great for summer sightseeing adventures and long days running errands.  One of our favorite details – which we’ve been pointing out to anyone who will listen like total crazy people – is that the darker colored styles (black, navy, pine green) have an ivory sole rather than the bright white.  This small change ups the sophistication factor and keeps them from looking too juvenile.  Because Superga is now run by Steve Madden in the US, it’s easy to buy the whole range online, and there’s a cute little store in Soho.  If ordering online, be sure to go one size up for a proper fit.

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