Louie Loves: Love & Lemons

We cook a fair amount, we even went to culinary school, so naturally we spend far too much time browsing food blogs and pinning recipes we will never actually make.  BUT the one blog that we currently find ourselves going back to over and over, and actually making the recipes from is Love & Lemons.  This is probably mostly due to the fact that all of the photos are just so so pretty.  Blogger Jeanine is a graphic designer so that may be why everything looks so good.  It helps that Jeanine and her husband have a gorgeous sunny kitchen in their Austin home, filled with clean white and marble too (check out some pics here).  Of course, it is not all about the styling though – this food is GOOD.  And it is mostly on the fresh and healthy side.  Very veggie centric, there are tons of gluten free and vegan options and a handy recipe index that lets you search by season, meal, special diet and ingredients.  We have found this extremely helpful when hosting dinner parties, as it seems everyone we know has recently decided to become gluten free.   All of the veggie dishes make great sides as well, for when you have more carnivorous friends over.  Again, we stress that all of this bright, fresh, beautifully photographed food is also delicious.  For an easy recipe to start with, try the Kale Walnut Pesto which can be thrown on top of pasta, grilled veggies, or mixed into eggs.  We just made the Peanut Soba Noodles with Edamame and Kale and had to restrain ourselves from eating the entire ‘serves 4’ recipe in one sitting.   We’ll definitely be whipping Jeanine’s latest post – Mexican Street Corn Salad –this weekend.  Seriously, how amazing does that sound? 


Click here to check out Love & Lemons.

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