Louie Loves: West Elm Market

Are you aware of this new West Elm Market business? Because we want pretty much everything. In fact we want to have a giant garage sale, empty our house and then fill it up with exclusively Market goods. They really do have everything you would need to make every room in your house charming and stylish – including your supply closet. They even have cute brooms and dusters, and of course all natural cleaning products to use them with. Standouts from the kitchen section include Brooklyn Copper’s beautiful sauté pan and Schmidt Brothers wood handled knife sets. And the Smeg appliances. Italians seriously know how to make kitchens look pretty and it is impossible not to imagine how insanely cute your house would be with a mint green fridge. We also like the sleek Krups appliances – we are sure we’d be making fresh juice every morning if we had the citrus press, sure. There’s food too. And gardening tools, including the seeds needed to plant said garden. They’ve really got it all taken care of and its so well curated. Those of you that think you are too cool to like things that West Elm tells you are cool will be missing out. We’ve definitely never been this excited about a garden hose.

Check it all out here.

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