Louie Loves LA: Diddy Riese

An old favorite.  We’re sure our first trip to Diddy Riese happened when visiting friends at UCLA and we’ve been happily treating ourselves ever since.  Diddy Riese combines our two all time favorite dessert items – cookies and ice cream.  Glorious.  With that as your mission it is pretty much impossible to fail.  Diddy Riese keeps it simple.  They make cookies, ten kinds, and brownies.  And sell ice cream, twelve kinds of Dreyers.  The cookies are fresh and delicious, soft and buttery.  They make a great easy cheap gift.  No one is ever going to be upset if you show up with cookies and you can get one dozen for just $4.  But of course the real reason to come is for an ice cream sandwich.  You select the two cookies and ice cream flavor for your creation.  After years of enjoying these magical treats we have learned a few key things.  The first being that the reason Diddy Riese’s made to order cookie sandwiches are so much more wonderful that pre assembled versions is that the cookies are still soft.  Along with preserving the cookies yumminess, this also makes the sandwich much easier to eat (you will still need several napkins).  Also, do not be afraid to mix your cookies.  This is provides an extra opportunity for deliciousness.  If you want to practice, you can create your virtual ice cream sandwich on the website, which is fun and sort of torturous because there is no deliver now button.  Our only complaint is that the price has gone up from $1 for an ice cream sandwich to $1.75 during our time in LA.  BUT the cookie prices haven’t gone up so we blame the rising ice cream costs.  AND $1.75 won’t even get you one regular cookie at Mrs. Fields.  And really, they could charge $10, we would still line up.

Diddy Riese
926 Broxton Avenue
Westwood, CA 90024

Click here to build your sandwich

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