Louie Loves: Drinkify.org

The perfect Friday distraction.  Whether you’re heading out on vacation, spending a summer Friday at the beach or just counting down the minutes to happy hour, Drinkify is endlessly entertaining.  Or, ok, maybe entertaining for an hour or so.  But really entertaining for that hour, we promise.  You type in the name of a band, artist, musician whatever and they recommend the appropriate drink to sip while you listen.  We started with Tanlines and 8oz of Tequila Añejo was recommend, with the instructions ‘Serve neat.’  Um perfect, that’s pretty much our summer drink of choice.  Note the quantity recommended, that’s the best part.  What to sip with Flo Rida (obvs Wild Ones is still on repeat)?  10oz of gin, on the rocks, garnished with a cocktail monkey.  Sounds about right.  Perhaps the best response we got was for SBTRKT, whose album we’ve had on rotation for a few months now – 1oz cocaine.  Garnish with sparklers.  Amazing.  So yah, you’ll be entertained for at least half an hour.  And then you’ll probably want to go get drunk.  Have fun.


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