Louie Loves LA: Harvard & Stone

We always appreciate a good cocktail here at Essex.  Of course, when we say cocktail, we mean a real cocktail; something that involves more than 3 ingredients and may take more than 30 seconds to make.  We also love a dark bar.  Not dark in a seedy way, but dim enough to inspire whispering.  Because of course what goes better with cocktails than a little gossip?  Luckily Harvard & Stone can provide both a delicious cocktail and a intimate setting in which to drink it.  On a fairly random section of Hollywood Blvd, Harvard & Stone is probably not going to be your local bar unless you live in Thai Town, but it is well worth a trip.  We love the atmosphere here.  Being totally unschooled in interior design and architecture, we describe it as ‘sort of old timey industrial.’  This means there are cool metal fixtures and cozy leather chairs.  As mentioned, the cocktails are serious and very carefully made.  We like ‘Baby’s First Bourbon’ but they also make a mean Old Fashion, perfect for those rare rainy nights in LA.  Head to the back bar – the R&D bar – for a constantly rotating menu of delicious drinks.  There’s a rotating lineup of bands and occasional burlesque shows.  Also of note, the dress code discourages shiny shirts, most hats, and loud colors.  Genius.

Harvard & Stone
5221 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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