Louie Loves LA: LACMA

We were Art History majors in college and we love a good museum trip, but we have to admit when we first moved to LA we were slightly disappointed in our new city’s museums.  Luckily, in the past few years, LACMA has serious stepped it up due in large part to the additions of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum (2008) and the Resnick Exhibition Pavilion (2010) both designed by Renzo Piano’s team and both totally gorgeous.  The Resnick building is naturally lit which is I think what makes wandering though so pleasant.  It now hosts all the major exhibitions.  The BCAM building is equally lovely.  Be sure to check out Richard Serra’s amazing Band that lives permanently on the first floor.  Two hundred tons of steel, it is crazy to imagine what went into making it and slightly terrifying to weave through it.  The upper floors sometimes host special exhibitions – Baldessari’s Pure Beauty is an all time favorite – and are home to a rotating collection of big name contemporary art.  There are some instantly recognizable pieces (Warhol’s Kellogg’s boxes, Jeff Koons’ Michael Jackson and Bubbles) and standout LA focused works from the likes of Edward Ruscha and David Hockney.  When you are done browsing you can stroll over to Ray’s and Stark Bar for top-notch cocktails and snacks.  With the prime view of Chris Burden’s Urban Light, Stark Bar is one of our favorite places for drinks whether we’ve been taking in the art or not.

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