Louie Loves LA: Mas Malo

We’ve spent probably too many afternoons snacking on tacos at the bar here.  After a day of running around downtown a basket of chips and a frosty Tecate always sounds delicious.  With high ceilings and neat rows of red and white tables, it feels very Mexico City.  It’s always packed, and always loud which we kind of like.  Of course, with those chips we mentioned we always order the Burnt Habenero and Crème salsa.  It is worth a trip to Malo for this wonderfulness alone.  So spicy and so addictive.  Other Essex favorites include the Tijuanna Ceasar salad (trust us), the Carnitas (obvs anything marinated in Mexican Coke is delicious), and the Ground Beef and Pickle tacos.  All of Malo’s tacos are delicious, but these are definitely the most frequently ordered.  The hard shells are perfectly molded around the filling to create a magic little packet of deliciousness.  If the ground beef and pickle combo sounds odd to you it is important to note that cheddar cheese is also involved so it is basically a cheeseburger taco, which needless to say is pure genius.  No we haven’t forgotten about the margaritas, made with just lime juice, tequila and agave nectar they are oh so refreshing and never too sweet.  We always get conned into ordering the organic one and while we are really not sure that organic tequila is entirely necessary, it is certainly tasty.

Mas Malo
515 W. 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Click here for the menu.

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