Louie Loves LA: The Assembly

This spot just opened up in the neighborhood and it is oh so pretty. Bright white and filled with light natural wood shades, it is minimal and clean but at the same time feels welcoming.   It is so fresh and lovely inside you feel like your coffee is really giving you a while new start. Always appreciated. They have a standard coffee menu featuring Counter Culture coffee and teas from August Uncommon, including a delicious minty ‘Palmer’ iced tea. There’s also tasty pastries from The Larder and donuts from Donut Snob. Yay! Donuts! Its so relaxing here we like to get our coffee to stay so we can take a little break and enjoy the pretty space. They sell a few cute items too – ceramic mugs and super cute cards. It’s open 7am to 7pm (8am to 5pm on Sundays_ so drop in any time to enjoy the elegant space and sip your caffeinated beverage. Or just to take really really pretty Instagrams. It’s good for that too. It’s also directly across the street from Phillip Lim so now you have an excuse to shop after you sip.

The Assembly
634 N. Robertson Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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Louie Loves: Sakara

We’ve never been super into cleanses, because obviously it is better to try and eat healthy on a regular basis. But after a month that included three bachelorette parties and a wedding, we were looking for something to lead us back down the path to healthy eating. We knew we wanted something easy and something with FOOD. Enter Sakara. Serving up plant based, gluten free, and organic meals this seemed like just the thing for us. You can choose one, three or five days (or 20!) and one, two, or three meals a day. We went all in with 3 meals a day for 5 days. Today is our last day and we have to say it’s been pretty great. To start all of the food is truly delicious. We haven’t had anything yet we didn’t like. Breakfast has been superfood packed scones and muffins, chia waffles (yum) and some overnight chia oats, which were shockingly delicious. Lunch and dinner are usually a salad or a small wrap served with a giant pile of greens. There’s lots of greens with every meal. And amazing, amazing dressings. We tend to stick with a simple oil and vinegar combo so these all felt indulgent but, of course, are packed with good for you things. (The balsamic was a bit too sweet for us though.) You also get a tasty rose oil ‘beauty water’ to drink every morning and a Chlorella laced superfood night water. Plus two detox teas a day. After 5 days we definitely feel much better. A little slimmer and lighter and definitely less bloated.  Win!  Because we wanted to fully commit to this we also avoided caffeine and alcohol as advised.  We really missed our daily coffee. We didn’t get headaches or anything but we felt pretty spacey in the afternoons and took a short nap a couple of days. Not something we normally do. We worked out every day and while we had no problem in pilates our run on day was definitely slow and we felt a bit sluggish. We run marathons and are almost always training for something so this definitely didn’t feel great.   We felt full after all the meals but the calorie count is pretty low so we would add in some snacks if we had longer runs planned. A few of our fave meals to get excited for if you sign up: Chia Waffles, Cobb Salad, Green Ceasar with Polenta Crutons. Yum! One more note – it’s pretty expensive. When you think that is all you will be paying for food and drink all week it doesn’t seem so bad, but if you break down the per meal math it seems a bit silly. (So just don’t?) BUT we clearly would say it is worth it if you need a little kick to get you back on track or help you look your best before a big event. They also have an online shop filled with healthy stuff to help you out on a daily basis – including the bomb salad dressings.

Check it all out here.


Like it? Louie it!

How charming does Olivia Munn look in this pic?  So cute!  It’s alway good to pair a pop of bright color with some classics so we love the stripes here.  We’ll pair the matching Strawberry Louie with similar classics, namely our favorite striped tee, white jeans, and a crisp navy blazer.  So sharp.  And a rather good option for a sophisticated take on Fouth of July style.

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Essex LA custom leather clutch strawberry coal navy

Louie Loves LA: Moon Juice

So much juice so little time. Seriously we think we just saw and article with the title LA’s 20 Essential Juice Shops. The possibilities are endless and when we need a midday pick me up we’ll happily pop into whichever one happens to be closest and offering vaguely healthy cold beverages. But there are a few things that set Moon Juice apart from the pack for us. First off, we love that everything is listed by benefit so you can easily find a helpful remedy for whatever ails you. Big event? Go for the beautifying Minted Watermelon Rind. Feel a cold coming on? Try the cell defending California Sun. Pool party? Pick up a anti-bloat Hibiscus Lemonade.   And needless to say they are all delicious. For real. Another Moon Juice bonus – the giant menu of ‘Moon Milks.’ Made with various combinations of nuts, seeds, coconut etc, these offer yet another yummy way to get some much need nutrients and protein. Also quite tasty and a perfect midday snack when you are on the go. They sell many of their magic ingredients so you can pump up your at home smoothies too. There’s a whole dust and tonics sections that’s a bit over our heads and by that we mean we want them all but have resisted because we feel sort of silly spending $65 on a pretty little jar labeled Beauty Dust, even though we are sure it will make us really really pretty right? Ok, cool, we’ll pick one up next time.

Moon Juice
507 Rose Ave
Venice, CA 90291

2839 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

(And at The Ace Downtown)

Click here for menus.

Louie Loves: De Lux

We love when we fall in love with a band and then learn that they are from LA. Especially when we learn that they met skateboarding because that really seems how all LA bands should meet right? These dudes – Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco are super young but their music, while fresh and fun, seems to be from another time. They sort of sound like Talking Heads but with a bit of disco? Something like that. And maybe a little Duran Duran. Really no way that combination could be bad. And it isn’t, is glorious and thus De Lux will be sound tracking our entire They released an album in 2014 that I entirely missed so I’m just getting involved now, with their album Generation – out June 23rd. LA Threshold is naturally the perfect song to soundtrack for LA cruising, whether stuck in miserable traffic or breezing up PCH. We also have Someday Now and When Your Life Feels Like A Loss on repeat. From the older album, check out Sometimes Your Friends Are Not Your Friends and Better At Making Time. We just mean to start; you should purchase both album pronto so you are never with out the perfect party tunes. Seriously, day or night this is what we want playing in the background of all our summer adventures.

Generation on iTunes and Amazon.
Voyage on iTunes and Amazon.
Rad KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic live session here.

Like it? Louie it!

This Louie It combines two of our favorite things - Miroslava Duma and cuttoffs.  So you know it’s a winner.  The different shades of green are a perfect match for our Jungle leather and we love the unexpected addition of pink.  We’ll pair the matching Louie with a toned down version of this outfit to let the colors stand out – meaning our fave cutoffs, white tee, and nude heels.

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essex la custom leather clutch jungle lagoon bright pink

Louie Loves LA: Madcapra


You know we love Grand Central Market (see here, here, here). Our latest obsession is Madcapra. This veggie filled spot makes insane falafel and super delicious sides and snacks. Not to mention a bomb cardamom iced coffee and strangely delicious beet soda. We would eat here every day if possible. It’s all very fresh and colorful – hallmarks of healthy, tasty food – and you can watch everything being made right before your eyes while you dine at the pretty marble counter.   We even like their color scheme. But back to the food. Our favorite is definitely the Green in both sandwich and salad form – order determined by hunger level.   The Green features lots of greens, duh, plus cauliflower, fennel and the creamy labneh. But really you cant go wrong. The Red and Orange options offer and equally delicious mix of falafel, veggies, and magic sauces. If you are hungry, go for the sandwich version because the flatbread is BOMB. As are all of the sides – the grilled cabbage is a must try. The snacks are fabulous too – carrot sticks with their ranchy labneh is a serious upgrade to the standard veggie + dip combo and the salt and sumac chips are highly addictive. So basically we also try to come here when famished so we can order many many things. They regularly bust out specials too. Just another excuse to visit regularly. Alright, now we’re starving. See you there tomorrow!

Grand Central Market
317 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, Ca 90013

Click here for menus.

Louie Loves: Everything Oribe

Oribe products are a dangerous addiction. Any product can be the gateway drug, your trusted hairstylist and friends the pushy dealers. Seriously though. We first tried Oribe products after we chopped our hair last fall. We were scouting tips for styling our new ‘do and after stumbling on this Beauty Department guide, decided the only way to ensure success was to buy all of the mentioned products immediately. Then our hair looked just like the photo and we knew we’d made the right decision.  And we thought with a mouse, a pomade and a hairspray we probably had everything we needed. The next time we got our haircut our stylist used the Dry Texture Spay and we realized we were wrong, we needed this too. This is the problem; everything they make is so good, it is almost impossible to stop adding more and more products to your collection. We’re seriously proud we’ve resisted the shampoo and conditioner for so long. Aside from the fact that everything seems to have a very light finish too it – nothing to heavy, sticky, greasy, Oribe products smell heavenly. So heavenly in fact that we sort of stopped adding perfume when we were using Oribe because we liked the smell so much. (PS, they make perfume too.) The packaging is a bit glamorous too, definitely dresses up the bathroom shelf.   If we had to pick one product to recommend first we’d go with the Dry Texture Spray for sure. It’s the perfect finish for any style, giving it a nice lived in, I woke up like this look. YES!

Check out all the hair magic here.

Like it? Louie it!

We’ve basically been waiting to use this photo forever.  And now we have a gorgeous versatile natural colored leather that’s just perfect for it.  The polka dots even kind of look like the perforation.  And we sort of want to be this girl.  Love a shorts look and we’re obsessed with that perfect stack of bracelets.  Anyway, as this girl perfectly illustrates, neutrals are the perfect base for mixing in bold colors.  We’ll pair this Louie with a bright mini skirt (dying for this one) and a sleek crop top.

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essex la custom leather clutch natural hot pink red

Louie Loves LA: Redbird

Ohhh Redbird. So pretty. So delicious. This place is pretty amazing. It’s in an old church or something like that and the glass roof opens up to the sky on warm nights. Because seriously, this is LA, who needs roofs? There’s lots of marble, some plants. The space is so fresh and open but still feels intimate. This all happens after you pass the cozy bar area, where you should certainly stop and have a drink because the cocktails are delicious and the bartenders are extremely friendly and knowledgeable.   When you settle in for your under the stars dinner, you’re presented with a menu organized by size.   Pick a bunch of things to snack on from the left while you contemplate your larger options. Definitely get the chicken pot pie. Possibly the best we’ve ever had. It’s rich, insanely flavorful and served in an adorably tiny copper pot. Just enough for a bite or two for everyone at the table. We love the salads here too, so tempting as foie gras and lamb belly may be, don’t skip them. Other faves of ours include the octopus and the posole. Conference with your dinner mates to decide on a large shared plate. Tough to go wrong with a 32oz porterhouse. Everyone says the smoked tofu is amazing but we’ve yet to try it. They’re open for lunch now too which means more salads, roast chicken and a very serious burger. They have a whole lunch cocktail menu too. Clear sign of a top notch spot.

114 East Second Street
Los Angeles, 90012

Click here for menus.

Louie Loves: Post Run Espresso Smoothie

Everyone loves a smoothie right? We certainly do! We have one almost every morning, ranging from green to berry filled. Our current go to blend after a long run involves some espresso because we’ve found that along with a mix of protein and carbs, we like a caffeine boost too. This one tastes like a milkshake and is magical. It’s also great because it doesn’t involve lots of fresh produce so you can whip it up anytime even when you’ve just returned from a trip to a totally empty fridge. The only ‘fresh’ item you need is a banana but a frozen banana always improves smoothie texture so cut up a few and keep they ready to go in the freezer. If you’re using a non-frozen banana just add extra ice to make sure its super cold. We always add extra to ice to this one because after a sweaty run an extra chilly beverage is always welcome. Also need to balance out the warm espresso. And that ice helps you rehydrate right? Full disclosure, we used to occasionally add Nestle Quick to this to add a little chocolaty flavor but we’ve upgraded to cacao nibs which taste even better, add a little texture and are one of those supposed super foods we’re all supposed to be eating. You could easily use regular milk, coconut milk or even coconut water in place of the almond milk. This makes enough for two but we usually drink it all ourselves – half right away and half after we’ve showered and cleaned up.

Post Run Espresso Smoothie

1 cup almond milk
2 shots espresso (or ½ cup coffee)
1 banana
1 scoop protein powder, about 2 tablespoons. (We use this kind but any kind will do. The vanilla and chocolate flavors obviously work well here too. )
2 tablespoons flax seeds
1 tablespoon cacao nibs

More good things to add – almond or peanut butter, chia seeds, honey, coconut.

Louie Loves LA: Republique

We’d really just like to move in here. It’s beautiful and delicious for breakfast lunch and dinner. Luckily it’s in our ‘hood so we’ll settle for frequent, perhaps daily visits for now. The tile floors and vaulted ceilings are Instagrammed every two seconds so browse there for an idea of the over the top gorgeousness. As for the food, let’s start with breakfast shall we? The second you walk in the door you’ll see the huge case of pastries, all of which are so delicious it’s hard to choose. There are bombolinis (filled donuts) and tarts and mini loaves of delicious breads and you should order as many as you can without being embarrassed. If you’re with a group get a few to share while you wait for your meal or to take home. On the full breakfast/brunch menu, there’s the best French Toast we’ve ever had. Seriously. One giant perfect, fluffy, rich piece. Get it. If you’ve skipped the pastries, get this to share for the table.   Move on to the Shakshouka and the Kimchi Fried Rice. So bomb. For lunch we love the Croque Madame – a classic and wonderful version, the Chicken Salad Sandwich and the Chopped and Little Gem salads. They have smoothies and green juice too so you can pretend you’re being healthy. The dinner menu is switched up often so let your server guide though a mix of snacks, salads, pastas and mains.   The item we still talk about ALL the time is the sole – buttery and delicious and served with the creamiest potatoes. Heaven. Pretty much everything is cooked in their huge wood oven – roast chicken, short ribs, steak – so it is hard to go wrong.

624 S. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Click here for menus.

Louie Loves: Chairish

Do you like shopping? Furniture? Vintage things? Jewelry? Stuff of any kind? Then Charish is for you! We’re sort of obsessed. The site is a curated vintage marketplace. It’s updated constantly and searchable by city and category so you can see what’s new in your city or browse for a specific item. You can also just check out what’s new or shop in themed boutiques. It’s basically like having 100 of new amazing vintage stores open in your city all at once. Or maybe just like you suddenly have time to visit all the ones currently in your city. There is a ton of stuff, but the navigation makes it easy to narrow it down. When you find something you like – which will probably happening with in 10 seconds of scrolling – you can pay the asking price on the spot or make the seller an offer at a lower price. Most sellers set a reserve price a bit lower than the asking which they are willing to sell for. If your offer is above the reserve it will be automatically accepted and you have a new treasure coming your way. If you’ve bid lower than the reserve, the seller can decide whether or not they want to sell. We find this set up particularly appealing. We don’t feel like we’re over paying but there’s no awkward face to face haggling or bidding wars that require constant attention. You can save favorite items so it is easy to get back to that special something you cant stop thinking about. They have lots of great guest editors too, highlighting their favorite items. All very user friendly and fun. Our favorite buys? An amazing pink rotary phone and a bronze paperweight that say ‘Top Banana.’

Start shopping (or selling) right here.

Like it? Louie it!

Ahhhh, this look is so good.  We’re seriously into orange in general these days as it seems just right for spring – bright and fresh but not like you busted out your brightest pink shirt on the first warm day.  And this pairing couldn’t be better.  Orange with worn in denim is magic.  We’ll be following this lead and pairing our Louie with our favorite ripped jeans, a navy sweater and nude sandals.

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essex la custom leather clutch tangerine lagoon navy