Louie Loves LA: Guelaguetza

We’ve been obsessed with this place for a while now and while we certainly wouldn’t say no one knows about it, (Jonathan Gold loves it.) we are constantly outraged when we hear that people have never actually been. IT IS THE BEST. Though it is possible the reason we don’t hear anyone else talking about this place is that like us, they have no idea how to pronounce it. This is the place for Oaxacan food in LA. What’s Oaxacan food you ask? To start, mole. And that is definitely what you should get when you come here. At least the first couple of times. Our fave is the Rojo mole but the Negro is a strong contender and the Colradito is insane. The only reason not to get the Coloradito is because the pile of chips you are served immediately upon sitting down is covered with the stuff (and a sprinkle of Oaxacan cheese), so you’ll had already had a taste. The mole is served with a perfect little island of white rice swimming in a plate full of sauce. Magical. They have tasting plates for the table to share if you want to try everything in one trip. We like pretty much the first half of the appetizer section – quesiilo fundido, cactus salad, grilled chiles. Oh and there are fried quesadillas. To wash all of this goodness down, you can choose from a serious selection of mezcal drinks and margaritas. YUM. They make a mean Michelada too. Beers are also only $3.75. All the time. We’re dying to come here for breakfast. Strong feeling that their chilaquiles are life changing. There’s live music every night and it’s all very festive.   Get yourself there ASAP.

3014 Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006

Click here for menus.

Louie Loves: Overnight Chia Oats

The idea of overnight oats was never very appealing to us, nor was the idea of chia seed pudding, but then we had a delicious combo of the two as one of our tasty Sakara breakfasts and much to our surprise, in combination, these things are delicious. We decided we could easily recreate this ourselves and after a little experimentation we’ve worked out a pretty solid version for what is definitely one of the easiest make ahead breakfasts around. You can put together a few of these at the beginning of the week and be set for healthy, filling breakfasts with out giving it another thought. The proportions are really the important thing here and you can adjust those to your liking too. This is just a good place to start. All you have to do is put everything in a jar overnight. Not tough! We found all we need to sweet this up is some fresh fruit but you can add in some honey, agave, dates if you like. We do love some cinnamon mixed in with the almond milk. Of course, you can top with whatever you want too – chopped nuts for a little crunch, coconut for a little sweetness, cocoa nibs, almond butter. The one thing we don’t really understand is why all the recipes say this must be made in a covered jar, but we just went with it. If nothing else, it makes your breakfast portable. Also we’ve been making this in a layered form but you could definitely mix the chia and oats together. Basic recipe below – experiment away.

For one serving:
½ cup rolled oats
1 tablespoon chia seeds
¾ almond milk
around ¼ cup fresh or frozen fruit

Add oats to jar, then add chia seeds, pour in almond milk and top with fruit. Seal with lid and keep in the fridge overnight. DONE!

Louie Loves LA: Dune

Dune is basically our dream lunch menu. All the delicious Middle Eastern flavors, made with organic ingredients and piled together in various forms. And pretty reasonably priced too. On Glendale Blvd, right across from Proof Bakery (so save room for a cookie!) this little spot is basically a fancy take out window, with some indoor counter seating and a few patio tables shared with the juice place next door. We’re going to start with out favorite item which is the Pickled Beet sandwich. TRUST US. This sandwich is a magic mix of flavors with salty capers and feta, sharp pickled onions, a rich slightly runny egg and a bit of crunch from a sprinkling of shoestring potatoes all on some seriously good ciabatta bread. It’s embarrassing to eat in public. It’s huge and messy and you’ll be convinced you have beet all over your face, but it is worth it. So damn good. The other sandwich options – falafel and lamb come on the house flat bread but are no easier to eat as they are topped with just as many delicious condiment-y salad items. For something you can eat cleanly with the help of utensils – go with one of the plates, which start with hummus, flat bread, cabbage salad and olives and can be topped with egg, falafel, lamb or tabouleh. We’re also big fans of the village salad – a rustic pile of large slices of cucumber, tomato and their perfect feta cheese. For a fresh treat get the photo worthy blood oranges, which come sliced and sprinkled with salt, oil and black olives. They have a super refreshing mint tea too. If you work or live anywhere near here, you should be here all the time.

3143 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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Louie Loves: Summer Beauty Essentials

We must admit that our beauty routine never takes more than a few minutes, but even so, when the days get warm we feel the need to streamline it even further. Several things contribute to this; the main reason being than when on vacation we would much rather be lounging on the beach or sipping a margarita at the bar then in a hotel room melting under the heat of a blow dryer. This feeling is doubled when on a group trip because we always have a moment of is-everyone-else-ready panic. We imagine others feel this way too so here are our recommendations for the easiest possible way to look slightly put together when it is super hot and you want to maximize the fun having time.  Also everything is carry on friendly.  For the hair: R+Co’s Tinsel Smoothing Oil and Rockaway Salt Spray. Rub the oil in your ends (or all over if you have very dry hair) when it is wet and then mist all over with the salt spray. If your hair is naturally wavy just let it dry. If it need a little help, put in in a loose bun for a bit and then take it down when part way dry. The spray help the waves hold perfectly and results in the messy on purpose look that compliments all your breezy summer outfits so well. PS – the packing of all their products is so cute, we want to try everything. For the face: Start with Nars The Multiple. We like the South Beach shade for summer because it is a nice peachy bronze that complements a tan and has a nice shimmer. Smear some on your cheekbones and blend in. Sweep some on you eyelids and lips and top with a gloss. Follow with Tarte’s Gifted Mascara and you are ALL SET. This mascara is seriously makes lashes look thicker and longer with just one or two quick swipes. Spritz on your favorite scent and get yourself to happy hour. Our current fave is Le Labo’s Bergamote 22 which has a hint of grapefruit and comes off smelling both fresh and sweet.

Pack these items in your Louie and you’ve got your bag needs all taken care of too.

Click to shop: Tinsel Smoothing Oil, Rockaway Salt Spray, The Multiple, Gifted Mascara, Le Labo Bergamote.

Louie Loves LA: Olson’s Scandinavian Deli

Sweden is top on our travel to do list right now but we don’t know when we’ll actually make it over. So in the meantime, we’ll just hit up Olson’s on a daily basis. Not only are there tasty Swedish food and all the real deal Swedish gummy candy you could ask for (even gummy Ferraris), but we’ve found there are usually attractive, tall Swedes there too. Bonus! But really we dream about the Grav Lax sandwich. They cure the salmon in house as all good Swedes would so that’s a pretty solid start. It comes with cucumbers and red onion on the fluffiest brioche roll. The secret ingredient though is the horseradish mayo. GENIUS. Top it with a squeeze of lemon and prepare to be really happy. There are other sandwiches – notably the Toast Skagen which is a top notch shrimp salad on the same magic bread. The tuna salad is pretty excellent too (secret ingredient – apple) and there is also egg salad, chicken curry and other very Scandi things like goat cheese with cloudberry jam. A cloudberry definitely seems like a made up thing, but they are delicious naturally. You can also get this cloudberry jam on top of Swedish pancakes. Oh wait, and the pickles. Each sandwich comes with a little side of homemade pickles that are so fresh and perfect. We usually buy and extra tub of them to bring home because they make pretty much anything you may make at home better. There are shelves and shelves of other Swedish goodies to take home. We don’t know what any of them are, but we imagine they are all secretly magic and may make us taller. And blonder.

Olson’s Scandinavian Deli
5660 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Click here for menus.

Louie Loves: Unreal

We admit to being shameless fans of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. So naturally when we heard Lifetime had made a show about the behind the scenes drama of a very Bachelor like reality show we were instantly on board. The fake terrible dating show is called “Everlasting” and the season we are following has a dashing Brit as the prize. He’s only on the show to rehab his reputation but the lovely ladies in waiting are of course dazzled by his charm and accent. Naturally the best part of Unreal is the insane things the producers do get good footage for the show. We’d guess this is not too far from the truth. The creator of the show worked on the Bachelor so you know some of this stuff happened. And of course, there is just as much drama going on off camera – lies, affairs all that good stuff. The show stars Constance Zimmer as the no nonsense producer and Shiri Appleby as the master manipulator of the girl (obvs she’s a bit torn though). There’s also the stupidly handsome Josh Kelly as a cameraman. It’s on Monday nights right after The Bachelorette – such a perfect pairing.

Catch up here and here and tune in Monday nights.

Louie Loves LA: Croft Alley

So the first time we encountered Croft Alley it wasn’t actually open yet and they gave us a free lunch. A bomb free lunch of a mini pizza and giant salad. So naturally we were eagerly anticipating the actual opening and really could not have been happier after our first real paid visit. There are so many good things happening here. The menu switches up all the time but usually features things like a vermicelli salad and an absolutely perfect tuna melt – truly best in LA maybe. And on the weekends there’s brunchy things like a sandwich of soft fluffy scrambled eggs and the insanely pretty yogurt with chlorophyll, plus a chlorophyll drink too. It’s all delicious and the space is so charming. A little brick lined courtyard inside with pillow-covered benches and a sunny patio in the alley. There’s herbs growing on said patio and you can watch your server casually pick a few fresh things to top off your meal. Delightful.  We could eat here every day, and it seems that many people do. But even if you aren’t a regular, everyone is always sooooo nice. And of course you can pick up an Alfred Coffee to go with your meal. Double win. You can also hit them up for a private dinner. So our next birthday is pretty much planned.

Croft Alley
8428 Melrose Place
Los Angeles, CA 90069

(go all the way to the back or enter through the alley off Melrose)

Click here for lots of tempting pics and basic info.

Louie Loves: The Overnight

You guys this movie is so funny. Totally hilarious and cover you eyes cringeworthy all at once. Parents Taylor Shilling and Adam Scott have just moved to LA and are slightly concerned with how grown-ups make friends so they are super happy when Jason Schwartzman saunters up to them in the park and invited them over for dinner. The couples have dinner with the kids play. Then they get drunk. And stoned. And naturally things get a little out of hand. Everything is just ridiculous enough that if something almost this uncomfortable hasn’t happened to you, its happened to a friend. The casting is perfect in this movie and everyone is delightful. Particularly Jason Schwartzman who we sometimes hate but we feel may be playing himself in this movie. It works. The problem is, we want to tell you what happens but there are so many scenes that we don’t want to ruin. So… there’s skinny-dipping, water filtration, breast pumps, art, and a massage parlor among other things.

Here’s a trailer.

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Louie Loves LA: The Assembly

This spot just opened up in the neighborhood and it is oh so pretty. Bright white and filled with light natural wood shades, it is minimal and clean but at the same time feels welcoming.   It is so fresh and lovely inside you feel like your coffee is really giving you a while new start. Always appreciated. They have a standard coffee menu featuring Counter Culture coffee and teas from August Uncommon, including a delicious minty ‘Palmer’ iced tea. There’s also tasty pastries from The Larder and donuts from Donut Snob. Yay! Donuts! Its so relaxing here we like to get our coffee to stay so we can take a little break and enjoy the pretty space. They sell a few cute items too – ceramic mugs and super cute cards. It’s open 7am to 7pm (8am to 5pm on Sundays_ so drop in any time to enjoy the elegant space and sip your caffeinated beverage. Or just to take really really pretty Instagrams. It’s good for that too. It’s also directly across the street from Phillip Lim so now you have an excuse to shop after you sip.

The Assembly
634 N. Robertson Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Click here for more info.

Louie Loves: Sakara

We’ve never been super into cleanses, because obviously it is better to try and eat healthy on a regular basis. But after a month that included three bachelorette parties and a wedding, we were looking for something to lead us back down the path to healthy eating. We knew we wanted something easy and something with FOOD. Enter Sakara. Serving up plant based, gluten free, and organic meals this seemed like just the thing for us. You can choose one, three or five days (or 20!) and one, two, or three meals a day. We went all in with 3 meals a day for 5 days. Today is our last day and we have to say it’s been pretty great. To start all of the food is truly delicious. We haven’t had anything yet we didn’t like. Breakfast has been superfood packed scones and muffins, chia waffles (yum) and some overnight chia oats, which were shockingly delicious. Lunch and dinner are usually a salad or a small wrap served with a giant pile of greens. There’s lots of greens with every meal. And amazing, amazing dressings. We tend to stick with a simple oil and vinegar combo so these all felt indulgent but, of course, are packed with good for you things. (The balsamic was a bit too sweet for us though.) You also get a tasty rose oil ‘beauty water’ to drink every morning and a Chlorella laced superfood night water. Plus two detox teas a day. After 5 days we definitely feel much better. A little slimmer and lighter and definitely less bloated.  Win!  Because we wanted to fully commit to this we also avoided caffeine and alcohol as advised.  We really missed our daily coffee. We didn’t get headaches or anything but we felt pretty spacey in the afternoons and took a short nap a couple of days. Not something we normally do. We worked out every day and while we had no problem in pilates our run on day was definitely slow and we felt a bit sluggish. We run marathons and are almost always training for something so this definitely didn’t feel great.   We felt full after all the meals but the calorie count is pretty low so we would add in some snacks if we had longer runs planned. A few of our fave meals to get excited for if you sign up: Chia Waffles, Cobb Salad, Green Ceasar with Polenta Crutons. Yum! One more note – it’s pretty expensive. When you think that is all you will be paying for food and drink all week it doesn’t seem so bad, but if you break down the per meal math it seems a bit silly. (So just don’t?) BUT we clearly would say it is worth it if you need a little kick to get you back on track or help you look your best before a big event. They also have an online shop filled with healthy stuff to help you out on a daily basis – including the bomb salad dressings.

Check it all out here.


Like it? Louie it!

How charming does Olivia Munn look in this pic?  So cute!  It’s alway good to pair a pop of bright color with some classics so we love the stripes here.  We’ll pair the matching Strawberry Louie with similar classics, namely our favorite striped tee, white jeans, and a crisp navy blazer.  So sharp.  And a rather good option for a sophisticated take on Fouth of July style.

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Essex LA custom leather clutch strawberry coal navy