Louie Loves LA: Guisado’s

Any establishment that has a designated person responsible for making tortillas all day WINS in our book.  While in line at Guisados you can watch this process happening as your dream of the perfect tacos that await you inside.  It doesn’t matter if you aren’t hungry when you arrive, by the time you place your order you will be starving because everything smells so delicious.  Everything is stewed and simmered and we are pretty sure we could never guess the ingredients.  If you never been before, we highly recommend the taco sampler which lets you try 6 of their 14 taco offerings.  In mini size, these little tacos are about 3 perfect bites each.  If you go this route they give you the first 6 on the menu, but you can sub in others if something else has caught your eye.  It’s really very difficult to pick a favorite but if pressed we’d go with the Mole Poblano and the Cochinita Pibil.  There’s a nice little patio out back for you to enjoy your tacos and of course you’ll need a drink to wash everything down.  They have horchata, aqua frescas and our favorite the Armando Palmero which mixes their fresh lemon limeade with hibiscus iced tea.  It’s delicious.  They’re opening up a downtown location soon which will have booze and be open late.

1261 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

(Also in Boyle Heights)

Click here for the menu.

Louie Loves: Dave’s Killer Bread

This is a weird little obsession we’ve developed but we discovered Dave’s Killer Bread about a year ago and now we can’t eat anything else.  It is definitely the best bread you can buy in a grocery store.  No question.  There are tons of varieties, but they are all organic and covered in nuts and seeds and other good things and they look more like you picked them up at your local farmer’s market than on the shelves of Safeway.  But that is the genius part.  There is no reason delicious, wholesome bread can’t be a scalable product right?  Dave also used to be a pretty bad guy apparently (though not actually a killer), but reformed himself post prison and he now hires lots of other ex cons so you can feel good about the fact that your are keeping would be drug dealers off the streets, keeping them busy carefully rolling your tasty bread in a combination of 21 different grains and seeds.  Yum!  All this talk of seeds is probably making this bread sound like it tastes like bird food, but it is in fact really really delicious.  Our favorites – the 21 Grain, Good Seed and Powerseed are all are rich and hearty but with a nice fluffy texture.  They smells amazing when toasted and make a perfect base for any sandwich your heart desires.  We love the 21 grain topped with avocado and a little lemon pepper and the Powerseed with almond butter and sliced strawberries.  It’s sold all over the West Coast or you can order online.

Click here to learn about the breads and here to find a store.

Like it? Louie it!

We’re giving our graybreak leather a rest for the summer months but it is one of our all time favorites so we wanted to send it off with one last Louie It.  We love these accordion pleats and this Louie would be the perfect way to edge up this super pretty look.  When not attending gown worthy events, will pair this Louie with white jeans a a tee for a spin on the black and white trend.

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essex la custom leather clutch graybreak coal black

Louie Loves LA: Bestia

For some reason LA doesn’t seem to have too many truly impossible to get into restaurants, ones where you are thrilled to book a 10:30pm reservation a month out.  Bestia however has held this distinction from day one and is still going strong over a year later.  We just recently went for the first time, but are already making repeats visits.  We’re hooked.  As with any place that is ‘all the rage’ people love to come up with reasons to hate it.  We are not these kind of people so we were instant fans.  There’s a lot to like at Bestia.  The location on the outskirts of the Arts District is a bit sketchy after dark but that makes it feel like a bit of an adventure.  The inside has a bit of an industrial feel and is of course, always packed.  Start at the bar.  The drinks here are awesome.  They make a mean martini and were able to sway us from our preferred dirty over to a classic with a twist in just one drink.  We sampled some sort of grapefruit drink on our last trip that was perhaps the most refreshing cocktail we’ve ever tasted.  As for the food, we’ve yet to try a dish we didn’t like.  The menu is big so we recommend sharing so you can taste a little of everything.  Our favorites include – the chicken liver toast, the grilled octopus and calamari salad, pretty much all of the pastas, and the pork chop – oh my god, the pork chop.  It’s huge and delicious and comes on top of the creamiest polenta with an amazing nectarine situation on top.  Get the pork chop.  Overall the place is busy and loud in a good way and the service is good not but not too forced.  Everyone just seems to be having a good time.

2121 7th Place
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Click here for menus.

Louie Loves: Le Pain Quotidien Hot Cross Buns

We grew up going to Catholic School so we’ve long been fans of these Lenten treats.  We’re not sure of the exact history, but the cross on top is supposed to, you know, symbolize the cross.  The buns cooked up by our hometown bakery – The Pink Pastry – we’re perfectly light and fluffy and covered with a sticky sweet glaze.  We loved them.  But sadly, this magical bakery closed and all other versions fell short of our childhood original.  To be fair, Hot Cross Buns shouldn’t really taste good.  They are usually a fairly plain roll studded with candied fruit and topped off with a very minimal amount of sweet frosting.  We were thrilled when we saw them at Le Pain Quotidien – maker of all things delicious, including chocolate chip cookies the size of your face – these just had to be good.  And they are!  A grown up version of the faves from our youth, these ones swap the grossly bright bits of candied fruit for a mix of raisins, sultanas and black currants.  They have a hint of spice and are perfectly sized to be paired with a latte of cup of tea in the morning.

Click here to find a LPQ near you.

Like it? Louie it!

How cute are these fashiony pink friends?  We love their casually complimentary outfits.  And we love the pink and black combo, especially with a mix of pinks.  It makes the pairing a little less stark.  With just a pop of pink, the resulting Louie is a perfect basic with a little kick.  We’d pair this with a pale pink sweater just like on the left here.

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essex la custom leather clutch black hot pink bright pink street style fashion week

Louie Loves LA: Trails Café

With LA’s lovely spring weather we’ve been in the mood for some new hikes, and we keep finding ourselves in the Griffith Park area.  We’re always convinced we are going to get lost in Griffith Park but we’ve been braving it so we have an excuse for regular visits to Trails Café.  This place is the cutest and always has us wondering what exactly you need to do to be allowed to open up a restaurant in Griffith Park.  Restaurant may be rounding up a bit.  Trails Café is more of a snack shack, but instead of the standard packaged fare they are selling insanely delicious organic treats – pies, quiches, scones and a few perfect sandwiches.  Including the much-loved Avocado Sandwich which is so simple but everything in it is JUST RIGHT so we don’t even attempt to recreate it at home.  There’s also a Grilled Cheese and a Peanut Butter and Jelly made with homemade jam and a special nut butter blend.  The pies are pretty incredible too.  This is why you should hike first, so the pie seems justified.  (They always have a vegan option too.)  They brew Stumptown Coffee and the cold brew is the best around.  It pairs quite well with a Coconut Cardamom Flaxseed Scone as a pre or post hike energy boost.  There are always lots of kids, lots of aging hippie types, and lots of people looking ill equipped for any physical activity in tight jeans and Toms.  It’s great.

Trails Café
2333 Fern Dell Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Louie Loves: Which Troop Beverly Hills Character Are You?

Most Buzzfeed quizzes are only appropriate for when you have reached a total boredom low point.  This one however is of the utmost importance, because of course, Troop Beverly Hills is one of the greatest films ever made.  And as this cinematic gem is celebrating its 25th anniversary right now and you probably have some Thin Mints in your house, there is no better time to evaluate your Wilderness Girl skills.  We are seriously more excited about this than the annual jamboree.  We got Lilly because of our minimal but chic style and our outstanding ability to keep secrets.  Torture us if you want but we’ll never talk.  Actually we’re pretty sure we got Lilly because we chose “I hate dancing.” over The Freddy.

Take the quiz right here.  And obvs lets us know who you get.   We’re friends with a lot of Chicas.

Just in case you don’t have the movie ready to watch at all times – pick up the DVD or buy it on iTunes.

And because we love you, it’s Cookie Time:

Like it? Louie it!

We spotted this pic in a round up of London fashion week street style and we just love how the mix of purple shades gives this otherwise all black look a fresh spring-y feel.  We’ll pair the matching Louie with all black for the same effect.  Right now with skinny jeans, a leather jacket and heels and on vacation with a little slip dress and metallic sandals.

Click here to buy.

essex la custom leather clutch purplebreak periwinkle black

Louie Loves LA: Summerland

We love the farmers market, but sometimes we are busy (or lazy) so we also love having someone else select all the freshest, in season, organic, local produce and deliver it to our door, in a nice little box, with a card detailing where every item came from.  This is why we love Summerland.  They do just that plus they have a website full of recipes if you aren’t sure what magic to make with your box of goodness and a marketplace of more local treats you can add to your delivery.  Basically they run your errands for you so you get the best of LA with out having to get off the couch.  For your box you can choose all fruit, all veggies or a 75 veg/25 fruits mix with two size options for all of these.  Each week they post the make of up each box on their site.  You can choose your delivery day and make special requests – if there is one ingredient you just really really hate, you can ask them to leave it out.  Before you check out, be sure to look over the market to round out your delivery.  There is so much good stuff here – free range eggs, sourdough from Bread Lounge, coffee from Stumptown, jams from Sqirl and juices from Pressed.  Hooray!  They also have a few specially crafted boxes – one for juicing, one for soup and one for brunch full of all the essentials for a perfectly delicious lazy weekend.

Head to their site to order a box and learn more about how they work.